Community (Season 1)


Genre:  Comedy Sitcom

Awesome Level: Awesome SAUCE

Cheeseburger Rating: 10/10

Before you decide that there’s nothing good on Netflix anymore, and it’s time to be productive with your life, think again. This show legitimately fucks my mind with pure awesomeness every time I watch it.

The premise of the show is pretty simplistic; a lawyer is forced to go back to a dysfunctional community college after his education is found out to be fake. He joins a study group of quirky misfits,  hilarious antics ensue, yadda, yadda, yadda… but OH MY LORD, this show is so much more… Community is the perfect mixture of sexyness, sassiness, and cuteness and is almost too amazing for a normal person to handle.

So for all you stoners out there, I suggest that you smoke a bong and spend and entire day on your couch watching Community; there is no other way to fully experience it’s pure, unbelievable, awesomeness. I guarantee that not a SINGLE one of you will regret this decision.

Stay High,



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