Matt Mernagh is The Stoner Girls’ Man Of The Year!

I am pleased to announce that Matt Mernagh, Canada’s reigning Cannabis Champ is The Stoner Girls’ “Man of The Year.”

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That photo should make it pretty obvious why we chose Matt Mernagh, who the fuck doesn’t love a man in a cape? There are also a plethora of other reasons we chose him, far beyond his fantastic eyebrows and Cannabis Champ cape and title.

Matt  Mernagh manages to take a message of, be healthy, have fun, follow your dreams, be yourself and have a good fucking time … and wrap it up in highness and passion. Matt is here to give us hope. What, if anything in this world could medical marijuana patients and cannabis lovers need more?

Matt, is best known for being the Mernagh in the “R vs. Mernagh” case (R stands for Regina … ryhmes with vagina and is about the Queen, blah blah blah.) This court case is so important for Canada because it stands up against a very great injustice which patients face. That injustice is the ridiculous mess we have to navigate through (which many of us fail to do) in order to find a doctor who will precribe this safe and effective medication.

When Matt isn’t in court standing up for our human rights, he can be found writing, making youtube videos and doing his weekly show, live  from Vapor Central. You can watch his show, The Mernahuana Zone every Tuesday from 4:20 – 7:20 PT on Pot TV. Matt’s new book “Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains” can be found on


Recently Matt has also started making videos about the best places to smoke pot in Toronto.

Check one out here …

Magically, somehow, maybe with marijuana induced super powers, Matt still finds time to be an avid gardener and tweeter.

Last but not least, we chose him because I think he and the Stoner Girls’ Guide both stand for something very important. Just because we are medical marijuana patients doesn’t mean we are in anyway obligated to quietly mope about. We have a right to be outspoken fun havers if we so choose. We have a right to make the best of things in any way we see fit. Matt Mernagh talks, walks, fucks and tokes how ever he wants. Which I fully support. So, this is an official fuck you to moral regulation and the social construction of bullshit and hurtful social norms, from the both of us.

Brodie Heldson Photo

Brodie Heldson Photo

Here is my interview with Matt Mernagh …

Cannabis Champ and The Stoner Girls’ “Man of The Year.”

OG: If a five-year-old asked you to describe how you spend your time, what would you say?

I play video games and write words.

OG: Can you tell our readers a little bit about your weekly show?

TMZ – The Mernahuana Zone is a weird and crazy political pot inspired reality show. Every week has some kind of zaniness involving myself, guests or people who are known as Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag. You’re going to see something or hear something that is going to upset, delight, and inspire. Notable guests include Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart, Fucked Up lead singer and host of the wedge Mr. Damian and adult film stars Karlie Montana and Voodoo.

OG: When you look back on writing your book, “Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook …” what was your favourite part of the process?

Completing it! My ideal day is spent sampling four or five strains, writing, taking photos, drinking a coffee and fruit smoothies. So the whole process was amazing, but still work like.

OG: I see you’ve come out with a video series about places to smoke pot in Toronto. Do you have an all time favourite spot to toke up?

Vapor Central is my all time fav spot, but I am a little biased. Yonge and Dundas stage is a perfect spot, but only on 4/20. The video series is actually used as a way to get potheads out of the lounge and into the sun.

OG: Do you remember when you first smoked pot or when you first fell in love with it?

Yes, it’s kind of unusual. I was prescribed Demerol to combat my chronic pain in my youth so I had experience with opiates before a friend suggested cannabis in my second year of journalism school (1995)…I began growing in my third year and joined Toronto Compassion Centre in 1997.

OG: I hear you are single. Which is shocking. Do you want a girlfriend? Or would you prefer three of them?

It shocks me too. Yes, I am seeking a girlfriend to settle down a little with. I live a pretty complex fascinating life that requires an understanding person to fit in to it. The lady who likes the roller derby also has to enjoy the ballet.

OG: Perfect date? Perfect girl?

I bring several different strains and my outdoor park pot smoking kit. The park will be near a restaurant that I’ve scoped out on via my foodie friends. We would walk from the park to eatery – hopefully holding hands. After dinner we return to the park for joints and make out session (because we have connected). Adventure dates are also fun. Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum or Art Gallery of Ontario give us something to talk about during the date and can be interactive. I’ve wanted to try indoor mountain climbing, go karting and bike riding the boardwalk as dates. A lady who is a strong conversationalist, self assured and sexy, career minded are ideal traits. A stiletto stoner would be awesome.

OG: Do you believe in love? Monogamy? Marriage? Anarchy? (Or any such thing.)

Totally believe in love. I want to be inspired by a muse or three who set my literary skills on fire.

OG: What are some of your favourite things about girls who like to get stoned?

They like to cuddle. We instantly have one thing in common. They know how to relax and are open to the world.

OG: Cats or sloths?

I have a cat Penny Lane – she was used to pay rent by a former roommate who ditched and left their cat. We are very close, she will have jealousy issues.

OG: Would you date a woman with more than five cats?

Depends on how many floors to her home is. If she has a home that fits five cats, sure, but if it’s a bachelor apartment then no.

OG: Any relationship deal breakers you’d like to share?

No zombie defense plan.

OG: What is your favourite way to spend a day?

Writing, toking, growing.

OG: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Reading a book and sessioning in the quiet of a park. Visiting out of Toronto places.

OG: How do you feel about dancing?

I would like to learn ballroom dancing, but she would have to lead.

OG: What is the best thing you have ever watched on

HOWL – Allen Ginsberg obscenity trial that shocked America and introduced the world to beatnics. I am a beatnic not a hippy. It’s a great docudrama and has some trippy scenes.

OG: I feel gardening is therapeutic. Do you agree and if so can you remember the moment you realize that?

Yes, but it took sometime to figure it out. I was reading a Health Canada study that suggested just that for trial preparation. It wasn’t until growing was taken away from me that I began to realize how much it was part of my health routine. Nothing like clearing your head by sitting in your grow.

OG: I think an amazing part of being a medical marijuana patient is the community of great people I get to interact with. Can you talk a little bit about your cannabis community?

I am most impressed with the age difference. From hip pensioners to young hip hipsters, marijuana closes the age gap. Their only commonality is cannabis, but weed works at making us understand someone else’s ideas and where they’re coming from.

OG: Do you think marijuana will be legalized and taxed someday and if so when?

Within the next five years.

OG: What upsets you most about the medical marijuana access regulation changes?

I feel it was a personal kick in the nuts. We spent five years in court to make positive changes and they pissed all over me.

OG: I have seen you on TMZ a few times. Is there such thing as being too high to call TMZ?

Never. In fact you should be in that state. Last show I snorted two lines of hash for entertainment value b/c stoned people would laugh their asses off. You gotta be too stoned to agree to do something like that.

OG: Other than cannabis what is a key part of your stress and pain management regime?

Pilates. Five years ago  I was gifted personal pilates lessons for Christmas. Best gift ever. I have abds (need someone who can cook great meals to put some fat on them tho) and can now ride a folding bike. I started doing twenty minutes and can now do an hour easily and should start going twice a week. My sex life has greatly improved b/c of it too.

OG: Is there anything you avoid thinking about when you are high because it trips you out too much? (e.g. teeth, outer space)

Paying my bills.

OG: Is there something about yourself you think people would be shocked to know? If so, do share.

I was a cute goth / punk boy in my twenties, who was the editor of successful music website ChartAttack and lived on Queen West before the commercialization happened. I interviewed every band I have ever wanted too.

OG: Can you talk about a few inspirations and/or motivations for how you live your life?

Lit – Jack Kerouac. His word flow is amazing.

Journalism – Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe.

Art – Jackson Pollack. Another great artist who struggled with his talent like Kerouac.

Film – DUNE  (the books are amazing too.)

Court – Dr. Henry Morgentaler and Marc Emery

OG: What do you think about feminism?

I am so progressive she should be the one to initiate crazy sexcapades. She can ask me out too.

OG: Can you comment on a few women you look up to?

My BFF Jilian Holander is amazing. She is the epitome of stiletto stoner. Successful, styling, and jet flying. A wonderful kind caring person, who is CEO of the most successful escort business in Canada. She declares her employment as Madam on her taxes and that’s amazing. As a BFF when I am ill and down on myself, she’s there for me. We make crafts together every Friday, which is the perfect end to my week. She grounds me perfectly and keeps me in line as a friend does and I do the same for her.

OG: What stoner stereotypes do you fully embrace? Are there any that you find offensive or untrue?

I am pretty well known for my stoner antics. I like people who are influenced by stoner stereotypes to create their own style. My favorite is medical marihuana stereotype that ‘we just want to get high.’ Hello, I was injected with Demerol long before I started medical marihuana and I can tell you nothing has gotten me higher than Demerol.

OG: What’s next?

Book tour! I want to get out on the road to meet potheads. I’ll be touring for “Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains.” Supreme Court of Canada will announce a decision on whether they accept our appeal in the fall.

Well ladies … don’t all go running for him at the same time, creating some movie montage hair pulling battle for a man … actually no, please do that, he and I would both like to watch!

Toke it easy,


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