Restaurant Review – 3 Speed – Bloordale Village

What Odessa has to say about “3 Speed” …

The place is tiny, there’s always a faint (or more than faint) scent of fromage in the air and the lights are dim. They are so dim, in fact, that you cannot read the menus, which are laminated and hand-written — how quaint.


The music is negligible — it was too low for me to remember anything, but I do remember all the people there! I’ve passed by a few times now and it’s always poppin’. After trying some of their food I can see why!

My beautiful date had her usual mac-and-cheese with chicken and I know that sounds soo scummy but it was incredible. I ordered the Portobello Reuben and it is easily the best veggie burger in the city — finally, a choice for vegetarians that isn’t soy or grilled cheese. I mean, there was cheese (lots of cheese — hey, the smell comes from somewhere) … and it was grilled … but the actual burger was a deep-fried Portobello mushroom cap! Yum! Also, I’m sure there was something else in it but I couldn’t see anything so I couldn’t tell you. However, this is a must-try for any vegetarian in the city!

If you like friendly service and are not lactose intolerant, check out this lovely little Toronto-esque gem in the heart of Bloordale.

What Onya has to say about “3 Speed” …


Photo from the first time 3 Speed’s mac-n-cheese met my mouth.

I’ve been to “3 Speed” … 3 times and I look forward to going again!

The bill has never made me scream and the food has never made me sick. Which is really saying something … considering the fact that I am a cheap hippie with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The mac-n-cheese with free range chicken is dependably fucking tasty. I just found out that the last person I took there (who is 8 times more beautiful than me) thinks my beloved mac-n-cheese sounds “scummy.” Well, I want her to know, the fact she likes eating mushrooms makes her a total fucking freak!


Anyways. I like this place a lot … The staff and other patrons have always been super friendly and lovely … There are always women there who look like they COULD be Lesbians … The lights are dim enough that you can dine turbo high and not lose your mind … AND … In addition to being delicious, the food doesn’t irritate my Crohn’s Disease Monster. Which means they aren’t using shitty ingredients to save money like half the asshole restaurants in this city.

In summation, if you find yourself in Bloordale Village … go to “3 Speed” and get the mac-n-cheese.

Thanks for feeding me “3 Speed” … I love you!

Toke it easy everyone!


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