Brock Sandwich Review


Odessa – The Foodie

I will never forget the time I asked a waitress what vegetarian options she had. She laughed at me and said “grilled cheese sandwich?”

As if I would ever order that white bread shit.

Luckily, I did not have that problem at Brock Sandwich. They have one of THE most delicious vegetarian sandwiches I’ve ever had. I fucking LOVE sandwiches.


From what I can remember sautéed rapini, seared eggplant, caponata, and shaved pecorino cheese…and I think roasted red peppers. Holy mother of God.

I’m happy to have discovered yet another delicious soy-free option other than the one I experienced at Three Speed in Bloordale!

If this wasn’t amazing enough, the boys who run this shop use seasonal vegetables, and whatever they don’t use, they preserve! Genius! For example, they had this incredible tomato paste which resembled ketchup but with real tomatoes. You will not find purple versions of this shit.

The guys who own the place are super nice too. And one of them has a pretty sweet beard. I highly recommend you check it out, and try a sandwich off of their impressive menu.

– O.D.


The man with a beard, whom we hear is the Foosball Champion of Bloordale. Cough. The Emerson. Cough. Also, I dig his whale tattoo.

Onya – The Crohn’s Disease


Isn’t this already the best sandwich you’ve ever seen? It is definitely one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

I eat the real life equivalent of this adorable cartoon because I know chickens and they are edible creatures.

Trust me.

Chickens would eat you in a fucking second and peck off anything’s face if given a chance. They also can’t move when it is dark out and tend to be bullies and racists.

In summation, I think chickens are jerks but I believe they deserve to be well looked after and maybe even hugged sometimes … but I think if humans take good care of them, they are okay with being eaten in the end. It is a mutually beneficial relationship in my mind.

I’ve talked to Mama Ganja’s chickens about it, they concur.


Buttermilk chicken. Yum!

Anyways, I have nothing but good things to say about Brock Sandwich. My cat feels the same way — he really wanted some of this sandwich, he almost shanked me for it. I let him have a little at the end and he looked turbo happy with himself and then sat there purring with his tongue out, for at least 30 minutes.

The feline taste test. Passed to the fullest.

The day Odessa and I got these sandwiches I was super sick. Official Crohn’s Disease flare-up time. Often I run into the problem during flare-ups where EVERYTHING I eat makes me feel sick, so then I end up hating my favourite foods after awhile due to good ol’ fashioned conditioning.

This sandwich was delicious and soothing though, a little spicy but oddly enough that doesn’t tend to bug me. In fact, I felt BETTER after eating it, although this may have had something to do with the copious amounts of weed I smoked before eating … but either way this couldn’t have happened without the ingredients being top quality.

I look forward to trying Brock Sandwich’s  burgers … and maybe even a bite of Odessa’s vegetable killer sandwich someday.


Thanks for feeding us and being glorious Brock Sandwich!

Toke it easy everyone,


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