Tacago — Our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer

Hey Everyone! Tacago is our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer!!!!!

😀 😀 😀

Tacago is a Stoner Girl living and loving in Toronto, Canada, she’s also an …

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Yep, Tacago is all those things AND she is also quite possibly one of the friendliest women in Canada! (Friendly people are the fucking best, btw.)


In addition to being smart, sexy, amusing, vibrant and totally tenacious–she’s a cheeky Activist with a heart of gold who wishes to make the world beautiful and fun wherever she roams!

She’s a total minx but I feel like more than being sexy for men, she is sexy because it makes her happy and men are just lucky that they ever get to be around her. Hah. Lucky bastards!

After a brief conversation with Tacago it was absolutely obvious what is important to her in life–her family, her friends, her community, love, dancing, and creativity!

In summation, we chose Tacago as our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer because her spirit is contagious, her heart is inspirational, she smokes weed and is totally gorgeous and brilliant in every way possible!

Just look at her glowing in this weed field …

[caption id="attachment_9776" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Bvb2b7kIYAE-X5Y @TaCaGo on her #2broadsabroad European Tour


@TaCaGo on her #2broadsabroad European Tour

Also, did I mention she can rap? She can rap!

The other night one of my friends came over and played the following video for me and I was all like, “yyyaaaahh, I just interviewed that terrific grrrl. She’s our Girl of Summer!”

“Ma Bicyclette”

You can casually stalk Tacago on the internet via TwitterInstagram, Tumblr and Youtube

Check out my interview with Tacago, our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer!!!

OG: Can you tell us a little bit about #LWKI, why you started it, what it means to you, whatever you want to share.

Sure. I started #lwki as a hashtag. It stands for Look Who’s Killin It. Basically, I’d see one of my girls doing big things with their art online and I’d say something like “Well, well, well, Look Who’s Killin It”.  Like a, “Dang girl, good job”, type of props. So I started using the hashtag and then eventually decided to turn it into a blog. On the blog, I profile and highlight female artists who are Killin It in their chosen medium. I make it very social, asking them to answer the four #lwki questions via their personal social media. It’s a way to help promote and let more people know about women in my network who inspire me. Hopefully, through my blog others can get inspired a bit more too.

OG: Please tell us who or what SidePonyNation is?

SidePonyNation is the most dynamic duo of all duo’s of all time…self proclaimed…but so true. My BFF Ly Moffatt and I started it as a comedic hip hop duo when we were in University, but it has grown into basically encapsulate anything we do together. We make comedic videos, perform live music, we’ve ridden our bikes across Ontario for charity, and most recently we did a social campaign called #2broadsabroad on Instagram for our 1-month euro tour/sabbatical. We are multi-platform artists and SidePonyNation is our name. We have stickers and button, so you know it’s legit.

OG: Why the name “SidePonyNation”?

SidePonyNation was Ly’s idea. Our first song together was called the SidePony Anthem.  The name came out of both of us rocking the sidepony hairstyle quite frequently. A sidepony is quite versatile. You can wear it high, or low, to the left or the right, in a braid, in a messy bun, it can be polished and professional or straight up wild and crazy….kind of like us, metaphorically speaking. The SidePonyNation vibe is funny and about having a good time and being happy. We try to create uplifting music as well as get involved in projects that have a positive impact. And we audition a lot to be on reality TV. I think we just need to make our own show.

OG: What made you decide to become an emcee?

The rap god’s. So Eminem I guess. 🙂  lol. Not sure it was a decision, it kind of just happened. One year in University Ly Moffatt started teaching herself how to play the guitar and she started writing songs. I just wanted to perform with her, so I started rapping. And then we would write more songs  As a kid I would make up rhymes and songs a lot, and I free styled with my brother and his friends in high school so that kind of opened up the rap world to me. Also, loved Missy Elliot growing up so I think she kind of inspired me to go for it.

OG: I see you rode your bike across Ontario for “Right To Play” — what was that like? What other causes mean a lot to you?

It was truly an amazing experience. We rode 1896km in 12 days, sometimes having 200km days…it was the most mentally and physically challenging adventure I’ve ever had. What stuck with me though was that before we left one of our followers wrote on our Facebook page “Whatever your mind says, your body will do.” I really connected with that as a mantra and it was beautiful, our province is really an amazing one…well our whole country really. Right To Play is a great charity and promoting play and healthy active lifestyles in children is something that is super close to my heart. I am a Recreation and Leisure grad from the University of Waterloo so …

OG: Saw your “Amazing Race” audition video, have you thought about applying to be on “Mantracker”?

We just love making reality TV audition videos…one day we’ll get one. I’ve actually always wanted to be on Mantracker. I think I’d pee my pants and cry though because I’d be so scared lol But yea I’m in!

OG: If a five-year-old asked you what you do for a living, what would you say?

I would say I am an artist. A musician, a dancer, an actor a writer. Then they would probably look at me funny, so I’d say “Tag you’re it” and run away from them.

OG: Can you talk about a few inspirations and/or motivations for how you live your life?

I tend to live in the now, for better or worse. I am usually motivated by those close to me. I try to surround myself with people who are inspiring or impressive to me. You are who your friends are right. Positivity and happiness are of utmost importance though.

OG: What are three things you would like to be known for?

Comedy, Energy, Dance.

OG: How many cats is too many cats for one woman to own?

I think if a woman is asking herself this question then maybe she needs to stop.

OG: How do you feel about feminism?

It’s the best.

My mother is a feminist and raised me to think like one, but in a lot of ways I never really thought about it. Feminism is something women who came before me fought for, and I just knew and accepted because I am a woman I am a feminist. But as I get older I’m seeing more and more that feminism is about action and being heard. It’s about saying something when you feel something was done unjustly because you are a woman. Not being silent and accepting the status quo. For example, in your article entitled,  “About that scantily clad woman dancing along…” about the way in which the EXCLAIM writer described me in the new Philly Moves video, you took a stand and said something about it. You called it out for being wrong. And I appreciate how you had the back of your fellow woman. Feminism is really about action I think. I read the same thing, took issue with it, but didn’t really acknowledge it or look at it as something I could affect. And you did. That’s true feminism to me. The action. The voice. The having the backs of all women and all human kind. It’s a tough job to be a feminist.

OG: Do you think it is possible for there to be Feminist Eel Porn?

Anything is possible…dare I google eel porn?

OG: What do you think the next wave of feminism should be called?


OG: Are there any questions you are sick of being asked?

“Do you have a boyfriend?” But only when my grandmother asks me as it then leads to her talking about her own mortality and how she would love to be at my wedding. And then she’ll show me pictures of my cousins new babies.  It’s exhausting.

OG: What stoner stereotypes do you fully embrace? Are there any that you find offensive or untrue?

I embrace the whole “open your mind, man”, stereotype and I like it when people call me a hippie. I’m not really offended by the negative ones as I know they have the potential to be true, i.e.. slacking, unmotivated. It’s just up to the stoner to realize when and if they need to take a break and re-evaluate how and why they are smoking. I also definitely get the munchies.

OG: Any advice for girls looking to break into a creative field?

Be a do’er. Just create, and learn and follow through. There must always be action. An idea is nothing without it.

OG: What are some of your favourite things about girls who like to get stoned?

They are cool as fuck. They make you laugh. And they are really good at making great snacks even when sometimes they have to MacGyver something with whatever they have in their cupboards.

OG: Where is your favourite spot to smoke pot?

I like smoking in weird little nooks that you can hot box or cool spots you have to mission to. But usually anywhere in nature is pretty much the best.

OG: Do you remember when you first smoked pot or when you first fell in love with it?

I first smoked in high school with my two older brothers at a New year’s party. I only smoked a bit after that, but it was always with my boyfriend at the time and his friends. I didn’t really like it then because we’d be in his garage with all his friends and I’d be the only girl, and I’d get weird and paranoid, so I stopped smoking. But later in University I started smoking with my best girlfriends and that is when I fell in love with it. Smoking with the right people is so important when you first start out.

OG: Is there anything you avoid thinking about when you are high because it trips you out too much? (e.g. teeth, outer space)

Sometimes I’ll think about thinking, and my mind just goes around and around in this endless cycle and it’s the worst.

OG: Favourite thing to eat when you are high?


OG: When you think “Stoner Girl” who comes to mind?

Honestly. I never fully embraced the term “Stoner”. I guess it held negative connotations for me. Like stoners are dumb, and lazy, like all the bad stereotypes. Thanks to you guys I now fully embrace the term! When I think Stoner Girl I think of myself now.

OG: Can you comment on a few women you look up to?

My #lwki artists all really inspire and help motivate me to keep getting better. Also my other half @lymoffatt is really a woman I look up to. I feel so lucky having such a talented, hard-working, intelligent best friend. It’s pretty cool. And Beyonce.

OG: Is there something about yourself that you think people would be shocked to know? 

I take off my clothes for money.

Shocked? 🙂

I do life drawing modelling. 😉 If you followed my SidePonyNation #2broadsabroad trip through Europe on Instagram this may not be that shocking to you as we took off our clothes as much as possible. I love how nudity is nothing there. We are such prudes here, who sexualize everything.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.34.33 AM

IG: @SidePonyNation

OG: What is your favourite way to spend a day?

Wake up, do yoga, have coffee and breakfast with friends. Maybe go to an audition or rehearsal, be productive in some way. Then meet up with some friends for dinner and an event,  be social in some way. And then perhaps a romantic rendez vous for some cuddles…or not.

OG: How do you relax when you feel stressed?

Yoga has helped me with everything in life. Or I’ll smoke pot to get me into a different headspace. If it’s really bad though, and I’m having an existential crisis or something, a long talk with my momma does wonders.

OG: How do you feel about monogamy?

In theory, I love it. In practice…there are so many people in this world…how can you settle on just one… forever?

OG: How do you feel about money?

Money is the root of all evil.

OG: How do you feel about beauty?

I try to find the good, and in many ways the beauty, in everything.

OG: How do you know when you are in love?

It’s that feeling in your chest. Or maybe it’s just limerence. I don’t know, I fall in love a lot.

OG: Anyone you’d love to work on a project with? 


And, like you, I’m a big fan of Philly Moves, would love to work with them again on a more musical level. Perhaps I’ll pen a #fuxwitchu response verse. Maybe we collab on it Onya?

OG: Best moustache in the adult film industry?

I clearly need to watch more porn.

OG: Any songs you can’t get enough of this summer?

In Europe I was shown a lot of wicked new music, especially French music. Been listening to Odezenne, and stuff released by Délicieuse Musique which is so fresh and really varied in what they release. Prior to Europe I just constantly listen anything my girl @DjFeelgoodsmalls mixes and puts up on her soundcloud. She’s kind of my go to music connoisseur. Check her out.

OG: What excites you the most about your future?

Everything. New experiences. Getting older. Life. Love. The impending paradigm shift that our culture is experiencing. Everyday is new. I like new.

OG: Do you have an opinion on the topic of hip hop and cultural appropriation?

I’m a big fan of sharing culture and borrowing from cultures that inspire me. Whether it be fashion, language, food, dance. But there is definitely a line crossed when one takes ownership of someone else’s ideas or borrows sacred cultural traditions and doesn’t have the knowledge or reverence it deserves. That is where it gets offensive. Ignorance is a big part of the problem when culture disseminates. I think it is a good thing though, because then it raises the question of what is right and wrong, and get’s people talking about the issue, which hopefully will lead to less mass ignorance.

OG: What cultures do you feel the most passionate about?

I love me some Italian men….oh thats not what you meant?

I am half Italian and Half portuguese, but 100% Canadian. Unfortunately, I speak neither language, but I do feel really connected to my heritage through my grand parents and through the food. And when I’ve travelled to both countries I really did feel at home.

OG: Do you stroke the short part of your hair when you are thinking?

No, but I will just sit there holding my own breast as I stare at my computer screen sometimes. (Like right now.)

OG: Can you define the following words for me please: emcee, rapper, groupie

Master of the mic.

Spitter of rhymes.


OG: Is there a song in this world that always lifts you up?

I want you back – Jackson 5

OG: Do you remember the moment you realized you were in love with dancing and where if you favourite place to dance?

Dancing was something we always did as kids. My mom would put on records, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller of Robert Palmer, and we’d have living room dance parties. Those are my earliest memories. Favourite place to dance is on a stage. I just like the space… and the attention.

OG: What do you love most about Toronto?

The vibe. How it’s really just a bunch of neighbourhoods that make up the city. The food.

OG: What do you love most about Canada?

The diversity. Both in our natural world and in the people who live here. We got a little bit of everything, and I love that.

OG: Is SidePonyNation doing some touring this summer?

We just got back from our #2broadsabroad tour/sabbattical that brought us to France, Germany and Spain. It was a pretty big trip for us and has made us even more pumped to be back inToronto and ready to start some new projects we’ve been thinking about. You can check out our adventures on Instagram.

OG: What should we watch out for from #LWKI?

More frequent content and more parties hosted. There’s also been interest to start different chapters in other provinces and cities. Toronto isn’t the only place with a plethora of #lwki babes.

OG: What are you looking forward to most in the rest of 2014?

I am dancing in an upcoming belly dance rock opera called Inanna which tells the story of Inanna the Sumerian Goddess of love. We’ve been in rehearsals for a few months and it’s going to be premiering November 19th, 2014 at The Mod Club on College. We have an amazing band, 8 belly dancers, all original music and @lymoffatt is the lead vocalist. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you get all the details.

Can’t wait to see this belly dance rock opera you speak of! Thank you for your time and thank you for being beautiful, friendly, inspirational and hilarious!

Toke it easy everyone,


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  1. Alice In Gardenland
    September 30, 2014 at 3:24 am (4 years ago)

    “When I think Stoner Girl I think of myself now.” – one of my fav lines! great interview. very inspirational. got me excited about yoga, dance, being creative, taking action, and life!!!


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