So, how do you feel about groupies?

I’m intensely interested in what people have to say and how people think and feel. This curiosity is what led me to start interviewing anyone who is willing. I ask questions from a purely selfish place. I ask about what I care about and I stop asking particular questions when I’m bored with how they are answered.

I began asking questions about groupies after listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s mixtape with Skillz and J. Period, titled “Infamous Quotes.” There is an interlude on that tape titled “Things Groupies Say (No).” You will have to download the mixtape if you want to hear it, but as you can imagine, the interlude is gross and to me … a strange misogynistic-mystery. I need to make sense of why I’ve never heard a group of women/other sit in a circle and mock men. I’d buy a mixtape with that interlude. Is it out there … somewhere?

So I started to ask people about groupies in interviews and everyday life … I wanted to understand the feelings and social norms surrounding this word. Do people like groupies? Why does the word feel like an insult? Do people think of only women as groupies? Am I a groupie? Why do I think it would be bad to be labeled this way? When and where the fuck did I learn about groupies?!?!!

Anyways, I started to get a little bored with my regular groupie questions and after that I began asking people questions about plaster cock-moulds because I was really interested in the legacy of Cynthia Plaster. Like, what a strange and bemusing accomplishment. She must be a very convincing person, and I’m certain she has said some interesting things in her life. I like her and her unabashed groupie pride.

So I asked a bunch of people two different questions about groupies, and below you will find some of the answers I received!

Note: All the quotes below are from full interviews I’ve done with the people named. They are all DJs, emcees, or producers, except Ru Johnson and Julia Le Conte–who are writers.

When I asked people to define the word groupie for me, they said …

“Sure. Ummm, Kardashians …” – Abstract Artform

“Someone who will give it all up for the price of whatever it is to attain some level of satisfaction.” – Ru Johnson

“I feel like this is just another word used to shame people for their sexual choices, it’s definitely not used in a positive sense. I think other people’s sex lives really aren’t anyone’s business except the people they are having sex with, so I try to avoid labeling people in a way that shows contempt for their choice in partners.” – Molly Gruesome

“A fan of an artist or band that goes above and beyond the usual means to relate to or connect with the object of their ‘fandom’… ” – Fester of The Extremities 

“I think a ‘groupie’  is used as a more negative connotation–usually someone (female) who sleeps with famous people or people in a music scene just to achieve a higher social status. ‘Groupies’ are superfans but for all the wrong reasons.” – Syductive The Crowd-Conductor

“Follower of trends or groups of artists/bands … ” – Dirty Sample

“Someone who wants to fuck with an artist on a sexual level … ” – Honey The Hippie

“Someone who has sex with famous people because they are famous.” – Rebecca Rocklynn

“Man or woman who loves being passionate about someone and follows them around for a bit. No negative connotation.” – Julia LeConte

“Someone who will do anything to be involved with famous people … ” – Def 3

“A groupie is someone who makes plaster moulds out of dicks.” – Sav of Swamp Thing

“I thought a groupie was like a selfie, but with a group of people.” – Choke of Swamp Thing

“Lemme break it down, a groupie is a vanity-propelled succubus whose parents never hugged them enough, and their ultimate desire for attention is why their semen covered faces are backstage at a DMX concert somewhere right now.” – Ultra Magnus

“Groupie is not a word I really feel like I have a reason to use or a context for. If someone’s a fan of my music, great! I guess if one goes about expressing their fandom in a particularly shallow or annoying way, they’re a groupie, but that’s really a subjective term, isn’t it? And a gendered one too. Not really my thing.” – The Mighty Rhino

“A hanger-on, not to be confused with a genuine fan of music … ” – Brendan Canning

“Overzealous fan with back stage access.” – Cee

“A groupie is someone who blows you in exchange for a signed set list? Naw I dunno. Maybe a groupie is just a huge fan of the band. They’ll let you crash on their couch to save money on a hotel. And then they’ll blow you in the morning.” – Animal Nation

“Groupie, various definitions. Groupie A wants my autograph and a tank top. Groupie B wants my autograph, a tank top and to hang lots. Nothing wrong with either.” – Johnny Active

“A groupie is a fan who’s on the team, down to ride etc. If it’s a girl she’ll probably blow you just cuz you’re dope, if it’s a guy he’ll lift your gear onto the stage and sell your teeshirts.” – Tragic of Philly Moves 

“I’m not sure about ‘groupie’. There’s a very negative connotation to the word. I don’t think it’s always fair. I met my ex-wife at a show. She was a fan. She still is. Our love was very real.” – Buck 65     

When I asked people if they would let a groupie take a plaster mould of their genitals, they said …

“Sure. I don’t mind. Women should be sexually free! Get it girl!” – Abstract Artform

“Sure, don’t see why not … Kils?” – Fester of The Extremities

“Already signed those rights over to a dildo company out of Reno.” – Fresh Kils of The Extremities

“No (no offense to Cynthia Plaster). It looks like a prawn without the shell.” – Dirty Sample

“LOL. I’m inclined to say no … if it ever fell in the wrong hands …” – Elaquent

“In the immortal words of Polow tha Don on the seminal track Throw some D’s … ‘Every girl should have a picture of my dick on her wall’ …” – DJ Slam!

“Nahh my dick is too small, can’t do all that. How am I supposed to stay hard with all that plaster around? Unless it’s a vagina filled with mould maybe? Are there fluffers? I need to know the logistics. This is an experience you should just see live in 3d.” – Ultra Magnus

“Fuck man, what do I know? Maybe?” – The Mighty Rhino

“I don’t forsee ever being in that situation.” – Brendan Canning

“Hell no, my girl would murder them, yo.” – Cee

“Depends on the other dicks they have in their collection. What’s it being used for? Are they going to reverse engineer my dick into a vibrator? That would be kind of cool.” – Animal Nation

Sigh. I suppose the topic of groupies is still nagging at me, even after all of these conversations … as I find myself wondering what you think about this word. Or if anyone quoted in this article wishes they could change their answer.

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