Dope New Cookbook — “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis”

HERB Cover

A new totally beautiful, 250-paged cannabis cookbook titled Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis is here just in time for the holidays! I caught up with writer Laurie Wolf, check out our dope interview and learn more about this lovely new cookbook below!

OG: If a five-year-old asked what you do for a living, what would you say? 

I would say that I make special food that is for grown-ups.

OG: So, what have you all been up to lately? 

I am starting a series of cannabis dinner parties that are pop-ups around town. We call them pot-ups.

OG: What words do you hope people use to describe Herb

Newsworthy, one of a kind, beautiful, informative and delicious.

OG: General inspirations for how you live your lives? 

We are both dedicated to being happy, healthy and bringing cannabis into the mainstream so that people can benefits from its many health benefits.

OG: How do you feel about Cannabis? 

Love this magical herb — I think it is kind of a miracle, people get so much relief from pain and other conditions without the need for strong pharmaceuticals with nasty side effects.

OG: Favorite spots to smoke pot? 

I live on a floating home on the Willamette River — smoking on the deck is amazing, also at the movies but don’t tell anyone.

OG: Favorite weed strains? 

J1, Nuken, Island Sweet Dream.

OG: How do you feel about edibles? 

As long as they are dosed properly, ingredients are listed, and testing is done I think they are a delightful way to get high. For people with health issues, or folks that don’t want to smoke they are fabulous. My company Laurie & MaryJane works with lots of people who use our products regularly for relief from many symptoms, including migraines, pain from cancer, M.S., insomnia, anxiety and arthritis.

OG: Favorite celebrity stoners?

Snoop, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen.

OG: What would you say to someone who thinks they cannot cook or bake? 

Keep trying, it’s not hard.

OG: What do you think the best and worst drugs in the world are? 

Best: weed, mushrooms, hash. Worst: anything that is addictive.

OG: How much coffee is too much coffee? 

I don’t drink coffee but I would say that if it makes you feel uncomfortable it is too much.

OG: What songs come to mind when you think about drugs? 

Any song by The Doors.

OG: How do you feel about Feminism? 

Women deserve what all people deserve. equal respect for their brains, their hearts, their souls and their lives.

OG: What songs always make you dance? 

Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce.

OG: How important are beauty, money and fashion? 

Everyone should feel beautiful, everyone should have enough money to live decently, and fashion is fun, and people should dress in the style that expresses who they are.

OG: How many cats are too many cats, for one human to own? 

When we lived in NY we had 45. That was too much. Now we have two.

OG: Where do you think Stoner Heaven is? 

In the middle of an amazing valley of wildflowers, cool breeze, fresh fruit and a blunt.

OG: What do you want in return for making Herb?  

Not a thing.

OG: What’s next for you all of you? 

Working on getting cannabis the appreciation it is due.

Thanks so much for your time Laurie! I’m very happy you and Herb exists!

Toke it easy,

Onya G.

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