Romantic Movies on Netflix Canada

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Here are some romantic movies I’ve watched on Netflix Canada recently! Listed in order of most-to-least enjoyed … actually they were all pretty equal in the terrible department other than the first one.


An epic tale about true lesbian love, life, family and aging. The lead is so gay she is often wearing TWO plaid shirts so I give this the same number of thumbs up!


I think this might be as bad as an Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep movie can get! Brian Greenberg looks like a hedgehog in it though … so there’s that.

Nine Months

Nothing reeks of romance quite like Hugh Grant’s unibrow and an accidental pregnancy!

The Object of My Affection

Super straight and boring movie starring Paul Rudd as a gay man and Jennifer Aniston as the woman who thinks she maybe loves him.

She’s the One

If you think chain-smoking and Tom Petty music is romantic, I think you’ll dig this movie!

Happy Netflixing lovebirds!

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