Meghan Trainor is A Dangerous Woman

By: Odessa

Meghan Trainor’s inexplicably popular hit song “No” is about to be ruined in the most fantastically feminist way so if you’re not into that kind of thing I suggest you turn back now. Just kidding, please stay.

This song is teaching us how to deal with men who are harassing us:

All my ladies listen up
If that boy ain’t giving up
Lick your lips and swing your hips
Girl all you gotta say is…

My name is no… x27897389, etc. 

Yeah because licking your lips and swinging your hips is really going to stop this creeper from potentially calling you an “ugly bitch anyway” or worse.

This is bullshit. For someone who has had to deal with getting sexually harassed by strange men since the age of 12, this song is detrimental to young feminists trying to say real shit. I don’t feel comfortable saying “no” to men whilst shaking my hips because the type of men who have the audacity to try to have an interaction with me when I’m just trying to live my anti-social life are usually the type of men to have zero respect for women as human beings. I’m not talking about the nice guys who actually wait for some sort of social cue before engaging you in a genuine conversation. I’m talking about the fucking 55 year old man who asked me how I was doing when I was waiting for the subway and called me a bitch when I rightfully ignored him. Can’t a bitch just enjoy the goddamn sunrise in peace?

If you’re truly not interested in a guy who is kind of decent, then singing a song about rejecting him is kind of an asshole move. Like you’re not empowering anyone with this bullshit Meghan. Have some respect for the nice dudes out there who are terrified of getting rejected but still have no idea how to properly interact with women because they spend all their time at work with other men and the only way they know about meeting women is by randomly approaching them in various social settings. They’re just trying their best so stop being such a cunt about it.

If you’re truly not interested in a guy who’s kind of creeping you out then I do not suggest singing him a song about saying “no” in honor of the plethora of women who have been murdered after rejecting a guy. Or any woman who has been harassed, molested, and/or raped by a man. It’s not cute and it’s not funny. It’s a serious issue that has destroyed lives and singing about it as if it was easy and harmless is kind of dangerous.

I understand that having any opinion on this matter than involves telling women what to do and how to act when encountered with a dangerous man can be considered victim-blaming to some. Rest-assured that I’ve thought this through and regardless of how far of a reach there is to discredit this type of opinion, I don’t really care unless you’ve personally encountered fearing for your life just because you are a woman who a strange man has taken an interest in. I don’t care unless you’ve had to quit your job to avoid walking to your car or home alone when it’s dark out because someone has followed you, grabbed you, or drunkenly hollered at you while sitting in front of a church eating pizza. That last one was weirdly specific but if you live in a big city it’s probably a common occurrence.

I know Meghan has actually said she’s not a feminist so I’m not surprised at her lack of sensitivity over these issues. I know she wrote a song encouraging women to love their bodies because apparently boys don’t like thin women so I’m not surprised she would write a song about how cute it is to potentially provoke a fatal situation for women. What I am surprised about is that no one is talking about this yet. In this day and age, with this amount of sensitivity over literally everything, I can’t believe we’re allowing this girl to set us back with her nonsense music.

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