Lemon Skunk — Tweed’s TW Duke


Lemon Skunk (Tweed’s TW Duke) is a very pretty strain that truly does smell both like skunk and lemon. The citrus scent is notable when my nose is in the jar, the skunk smell is most noticeable when I vape, leave my apartment and then come back. I bet my neighbor can smell the lingering odor da skunk too … my neighbor is cop … oh well, the joys of being legal!

I love the story of Lemon Skunk … the lemon mother lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years with her loving gardener known as “The Lemon Man.” If anyone reading this happens to know  “The Lemon Man” — please tell him I’d love to interview him! I believe he is currently residing in Colorado.

My primary diagnoses is Crohn’s Disease, I found Lemon Skunk (TW Duke) helpful for the loss of appetite, nausea and pain my Crohn’s Disease Monster causes. This strain is sativa dominant (60%) and is just slightly too cerebral for me. I am truly a lover of indicas after all.

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