Feel The Bern Papers Debuts Unique Way To Support Bernie Sanders


Yes! Feel The Bern Papers exist and you can purchase some for friends, family and yourself at BerniePapers.com.

I live in Canada but even here there are a lot of people talking about Bernie Sanders, with a certain look of optimism on their faces. I think Bernie does care about people and it shows.

You’ve seen the bird landing on his podium right? Check out a video of that beautiful incident and my interview with the founder of Feel The Bern Papers below!

If you don’t love Bernie, I don’t understand you …

Answering: Feel The Bern Papers Founder Tyler Diaz

Twitter: @BerniePapers 

Instagram: @FeelTheBernPapers

OG: So, what have you been up to lately?

Well, we just launched the site a couple weeks ago so I have been really busy. It’s been a little crazy since we’re getting new orders in every day. Having to manage going to school and still making sure I get the orders out and everything can be challenging sometimes. The hardest part for me is that I want every single person who buys Feel The Bern Papers to feel special. I’ve been writing all the addresses on the envelopes by hand, but it just isn’t sustainable with the volume of orders we’re receiving. I’m just thankful that I’ll be out of school in about two weeks so I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to the company.

OG: General inspirations for how you live your life?

I’ve been inspired in a lot of different ways by many talented people. The main ones I can think of are Brett Favre, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Casey Neistat. The one thing all these people have in common is their ability to make something out of nothing. They set their mind on what they want to accomplish, and get it done. They don’t make excuses or let obstacles get in the way. To me, that’s pretty inspiring. Instead of complaining about the challenges in their lives, they tackle them head on. They can also own up to their failures, which to me is a big indication of character.

OG: What do you love most about Bernie Sanders?

The one thing I love most about Bernie is that the man actually cares. I don’t care if you don’t agree with his policies, but you can’t say Bernie doesn’t have the best interest of the public at heart. You look at who he’s running against, and they’re nearly polar opposites. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hillary would make decisions in office purely for personal gain, with no regard for how it affects the public. Bernie’s record proves he’s for the people. How can you be against that?

OG: How do you feel about edibles?

I think edibles are great, especially for medicinal purposes. You think of someone out there who can’t handle or doesn’t really like the act of smoking, edibles can provide a very convenient alternative that still allows them to receive the benefits of their medicine.

OG: What do you think the secrets to happiness are?

That is a very tough question because I feel like the answers would be different for everyone. To me, the secret to happiness is to just be doing what you love. So many people go out and work a job they hate each and every day. That doesn’t appeal to me. I’m the happiest when I’m doing stuff I’m passionate about, and that could be different for each person.

OG: How important are beauty, money and fashion?

I don’t really have much to say about beauty or fashion. Those topics are both very subjective and depend on personal preferences. Money on the other hand, I find it very important. Money isn’t important as a way to show “hierarchy” or that you’re better than someone. I look at the things money is able to provide: peace of mind, flexibility, less stress. It is very true that money alone does not provide happiness, but it contributes in a lot of ways that can lead to a happier life. How much money does one need to be happy? Again, I don’t know. You can’t tell someone their desired lifestyle isn’t right because they want more or less money than you. It all depends on that individual and what their definition of a comfortable lifestyle is.

OG: What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Well if I was talking to my nineteen-year-old self I would only have to go back one year. Even then, the one thing I would tell myself is to “Stop making excuses and just fucking do it.” Feel The Bern Papers wasn’t my first business idea ever. I have always been very entrepreneurial and coming up with new ideas. It was just the first one I have acted on, and it feels great. If I could go back I would tell myself not to worry about all of the things that were holding me back before.

OG: Where should stoners visit in your city?

Columbia, South Carolina is not a very stoner friendly city. It’s a college town so among the students marijuana is obviously very popular. Like most places in the South, Columbia is very traditional and stuck in its ways. I can’t give stoners any place to visit, because that visit probably wouldn’t end very well. South Carolina shocked the country when they legalized same-sex marriage, maybe soon they’ll do the same with weed.

OG: What do you want in return for creating Feel The Bern rolling papers?

The only thing I want in return for creating Feel The Bern Papers is for people to be talking about Bernie Sanders. He is a smart man with some very sensible policies that many people have never even heard. Our goal with creating Feel The Bern Papers was to offer a unique way to get the conversation started. I think we’ve accomplished that.

OG: What’s next for you?

Next? I’m not really sure. I am about to be done with school for this year and I’ll be going back home, but plan to keep running Feel The Bern Papers through the summer like normal. We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from people all over so who knows? Maybe we’ll figure out a way to branch out and keep it going.

Thanks so much for your time Tyler! Your words and heart are inspiring!! Stay dope.


Best wishes,

Onya G.

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