Timing is everything, even when it comes to dabs


dab.ninja is a free and amazing app that is probably your only chance of doing perfectly timed dabs. You can learn more about dab.ninja at the following link — and try it out for yourself: http://dab.ninja

I thought I had only done dabs once but then I remembered a bunch of other times I had forgotten. Basically, I’m only doing dabs if someone is saying “hey inhale this” and passing the rig my way. I don’t do dabs because I’m an old hippie who lives in the woods and is too lazy to go to town for shatter or the supplies to make it myself.

So dab.ninja seemed amazing to me but I wasn’t confident in my expertise when it comes to anything to do with dabbing. Then one evening I was watching a group of men do dabs, I then showed them dab.ninja to test the app on a group of unbiased dab-doers … and their minds were blown. I think their euphoria wasn’t just about the dabs they had just done, their reaction indicated more than that. They were like dabbing kids at Christmas. Who just got shatter from Santa. They kinda did if you think about it because poorly timed dabs are indeed wasted dabs.

dab.ninja was created by @dubcomm, one of Toronto‘s most stoned and eiligible bachelors — check out my interview with him at the following link: https://stonergirlsguide.com/2015/11/19/the-stoner-girls-guide-to-dabbaratus/

Also, follow dab.ninja on Instagram if you are not too stoned to do such a thing!

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