The 1st Ever Lift Cannabis Expo @ The Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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I spent last weekend (May 28th-29th, 2016) in Toronto at the first-ever Lift Cannabis Expo, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the pounding heart of the city. There were great turnouts both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was what introverted-me would describe as, unbearably busy.

I was going to arrive early to the expo but … then I got high, arrived late and spent much of my time hunting for novel booths. I was pleased to find some and some familiar and beloved companies too.

Here are some photo HIGH-lights of the first-ever Lift Cannabis Expo:


There was a really impressive list of speakers scheduled for both days. My intention was to listen to every single one but between my pain levels and the background noise I didn’t end up listening to more than one minute of any of them. 🙁


My hope is that the Lift Cannabis Expo happens again next year but that the demos are on stage and the speakers are in the nice, quiet, comfortable rooms downstairs.


My parents taught me I should always try to get secondhand furniture and clothes but gardening tools are something worth spending money on. Hence, Chikamasa’s booth was one of my favorites at the expo. Everyone in this booth was lovely and the products are impressive and now available in Canada through Rambridge (! I got a pair of scissors and a knife, both of which I will cherish forever.

Welcome to Canada Chikamasa!



We searched both days for Smoke’s Poutinerie’s booth … it was intensely elusive because it wasn’t there so we were forced to eat hotdogs. We could get 25% off at Smoke’s with our tickets though, so there’s that. Next year I hope Smoke’s is actually onsite and that there is a poutine eating contest!


I should have gotten a massage for a dollar … silly me.


I wish there were more glassblowers at the expo and some live demos but … I’m a glassblower and lover of watching people blow glass so … this is a very selfish thing to say. Do you wish there was more glass at the expo too?


Always be more stoned you could …


Weedmaps has such a cute little smile …


The Wellness Soldier doing a live demo of “No Bake Chocolate Avocado Mousse Parfait” with Tilray’s cannabis oil drops added.



The photo above is of Ryan from http://www.iso-brands doing an extraction demo. This extraction demo was done with Tweed’s T.W. Duke (Lemon Skunk). It smelled so good!! You can watch my video of the process at the following link:




Marc Emery and Dana Larsen, fighting the power and having fun while they are at it! I got a copy of Dana’s latest book “Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History.” Which I’m super excited about!


The Screen Your Green ( booth was definitely a favorite! Novel cannabis related service / finally a way to figure out which of your seedlings are going to turn into pesky males when they grow up. Also, the best hats and stickers ever.


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Home with some goodies and info for friends and family. Think my cat is happy to see me?





My heart felt intensely heavy when I first heard C.A.L.M. was one of the many dispensaries that was raided in Toronto on May 26th, 2016.

Tell how YOU feel about dispensaries!

After the expo someone said to me “There must have been so much drama at the expo with the whole LPs vs dispensaries scandal.” I thought for a moment and then said, “No, there really was just as much drama in the community as there always is.” This isn’t about the cannabis community in particular, this is about humans and how they generally don’t get along. I honestly don’t know if LPs had anything to do with the dispensary raids or not. I somehow highly doubt it but I don’t feel like I’m in a position to comment.

What I do think about when the raids are brought up is lynching in the deep south during the Civil Rights Movements and the raids the preceded the Stonewall Riots during the beginning of the LGBTQ movement. I’m not saying any of these events are comparable, lynching is one of the most horrific, violent and disgusting events in human history. What I’m pointing out is that every social movement, when broaching upon success, has experienced a kick-back like this. This kick-back should instill optimism in the cannabis movements progress and remind us all now is the time more than ever to do what we can to mobilize constituents. Thank you to all the people who have risked their freedom to help shape laws through the higher courts.

I read Toronto’s Most Wanted List every time I can’t sleep and I worked as a counsellor in an in-patient treatment program with an often 6-month waiting list. So how could I not feel both sad and angry about the dispensary raids? Why don’t we worry about cannabis AFTER we catch serial killers and support Canadian youth enough to help the many of them that are using opiates or huffing gas — you know, the REAL public health concerns.

I hope cannabis is legal soon but I won’t be convinced legalization is going to happen until we are all calling it that, instead of “marijuana” or “marihuana.”



My new favorite scissors from Chikamasa:!


It was awesome to see Boveda at the expo! Check out my interview with their Business Development Director at the following link:

Yes, I got a jar from Tweed that says “catnip” … my cat asked me to.


Phant is a new extracts company and I’m VERY interested in acquiring one of their hoodies and electric pens! I believe they are from the west coast. I hope to bump into them again very, soon.

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I’m debating getting personalized Medtainers to sell Magick Catnip in … should I do it? Hmm …

I’m off to eat ice cream! Hope to see you all at the next Lift Cannabis Expo!!


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