Doodles on The Via Rail

witchonatrain copy

Via Rail runs from coast to coast in Canada. It is definitely an interesting way to travel. I like that you can see the country side change, that there are usable bathrooms (unlike the bus) and that you can vape weed the whole way … kidding, you can’t, I asked. They said no but nicely, which I appreciate and respect.

I spent a couple of days on the train recently and decided the shakiness of the train would lend well to drawing exercises. Here are my doodles, with no straight lines!

hungryforhamburger copy


Obviously I was hungry … luckily Via Rail does have snacks.

stevethecat copy

catscatscats copy

trainalein copy

ty'scat copy

ted copy

At this point the businessman next to me asked if I could draw his cat, so I did. His cat was a siamese with blue eyes. Very handsome. I should have taken a picture of my drawing. Also, I wish Via Rail would give me free train tickets in exchange for drawing passengers’ pets! Eh Via Rail??!!!

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