This Alair vaporizer rocks my world!


I always thought I was a whole flower, hash and kief kind of woman but … now Alair Vaporizers has gone and showed me I’m an oil-vape-cause-it-is-so-easy-I-can-do-it-in-my-sleep kind of woman.

My pain levels can get pretty rough and sometimes I feel trapped in bed and have trouble convincing myself to get to my Volcano. What I’m saying is, I used to think oil vape pens were totally for social and recreational purposes. Now I see the amazing pain-management potential of them. Mostly due to the potency and ease of use. I literally woke up from spiked pain levels one morning to find my hand had already found my Alair vaporizer and was moving it towards my face.

Check Alair out: … and know I highly recommend taking an Alair vaporizer to bed with you!


Stay dope Alair vaporizers!

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