High on Headband Cat


Headband is the strain and Yorkshire is what my licensed producer called it when they were growing and selling it. They no longer are which suits me just fine because variety after all, is the spice of life.

I was scared to try Headband because of its reputation for making you feel like you are wearing a headband. The thought of that sensation unsettled me but then this strain was offered at $6 per gram and that talked me into it!

Headband smells like cat piss (compliment) and is not the best at making me sleepy but hybrids never are. I’ve only tried this strain by vaping it in my Volcano thus far, I’m sure I will try some in a joint eventually.

Headband makes me feel very high very quickly, and there is something to be said for that when my pain levels decide to be unkind suddenly. The effects don’t last long but when they first seep in they rattle my soul a bit, only for about 10 seconds but so intensely I’ll never forget it.

I can’t remember if Headband actually makes me feel like I’m wearing a headband … but if you are looking for a quick and powerful cranium buzz I feel pretty confident you will enjoy this strain.

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