New on Netflix Canada: July 1st, 2016

Avail 7/1

Beethoven’s 2nd

Cast: Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Nicholle Tom

After St. Bernard Beethoven sires a brood with Missy, he and the Newton kids must intervene when Missy’s owner tries to sell the puppies.


Child’s Play 3

Cast: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers

The tortured spirit of Chucky rises again to seek revenge on the boy who killed him eight years ago, the now-teenage Andy Barclay.


Deep – Season 1 – Netflix Original

As he grapples with a life-threatening illness, a police investigator tracks the explosion of a new synthetic drug on the streets of Paris.


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Breckin Meyer

At his brother’s wedding, playboy Connor discovers that the ghosts of his many girlfriends have come to give him a piece of their mind.


Highway of Tears

This documentary recounts the true stories of dozens of women who have gone missing along Highway 16 in northern British Columbia since the 1960s.


Jersey Boys

Cast: John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergan, Michael Lomenda

Adapted from the hit Broadway musical, this nostalgic look at the Four Seasons and their bumpy offstage lives stretches across four decades.


Jersey Girl

Cast: Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, George Carlin

When a music publicist suddenly faces single fatherhood and a defunct career, only a new love and his daughter’s courage can help him bounce back.


Jim Jefferies: FreedumbNetflix Original

Cast: Jim Jeffries

Jim Jefferies’ second Netflix special, “Jim Jefferies: Freedumb” unleashes his signature, unapologetic take on a variety of topics that range from personal stories including how he is coping with fatherhood to political and social commentary about religion, freedom and even Bill Cosby. “Freedumb” was recorded in front of a sold out audience at Nashville’s James Polk Theater.


Journey to the Center of the Earth

Cast: Pat Boone, James Mason, Arlene Dahl

Based on the Jules Verne novel, this fantasy film follows an expedition team en route to the center of the earth — a journey fraught with peril.


Kate and Leopold

Cast: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber

A present-day woman takes responsibility for guiding a charming time-traveling 19th-century nobleman through the 21st century.


Marcella – Season 1 – Netflix Original

Cast: Anna Friel, Nicholas Pinnock, Sinéad Cusack

Set in contemporary London and starring Anna Friel, Marcella – from internationally renowned screenwriter and novelist Hans Rosenfeldt (The Bridge) – centers on the psychological struggles of a Metropolitan police officer at a crisis point in her personal life, driven by rejection and intuition. Her marriage just ended and she’s returning to work as a London detective after 12 years away. Is the serial killer she once investigated back too?


Marco Polo – Season 2 – Netflix Original

Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong, Chin Han

Chronicling famed explorer Marco Polo’s 13th-century journey to Mongolia, this epic historical drama continues the story of Polo’s service in the court of legendary emperor Kublai Khan.


Mr. Brooks

Cast: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, William Hunt

Charismatic Mr. Brooks is a serial killer at war with his own alter ego, whose charm won’t sway the dedicated detective on his trail.


National Lampoon’s Animal House

Cast: John Belushi, Tim Matheson, John Vernon

Dean Wormer puts the titular frat on double-secret probation, and it’s up to Bluto, Flounder, Pinto and the rest of the brothers to get even.


Now You See Me

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson

A troupe of brainy illusionists specializes in stealing from banks and giving the cash to their audiences, all while outwitting a team of FBI agents.


Rodeo Girl

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Derek Brandon, Sophie Bolen

When a jaded teenager is shipped off to her father’s ranch for the summer, she discovers a passion for rodeo and decides to compete.


Roger Waters The Wall

Cast: Roger Waters, Dave Kilminster, Snowy White

Details one of the most elaborately staged theatrical productions in music history as Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters performs the band’s critically acclaimed album The Wall in its entirety.



Cast: Cristiano Ronaldo

A portrait of famed Portuguese soccer hero Cristiano Ronaldo charts his career and personal life, offering a glimpse of how he handles stardom.



Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams

A crack team of DEA agents plots a daring heist, making off with $10 million in drug money. They soon find themselves targets of an unknown killer.


Speed 2: Cruise Control

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric, Willem Dafoe

When her beau surprises her with a cruise vacation, Annie finds herself and fellow passengers in danger when a man sets the liner on a deadly course.


The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl

Cast: Taylor Lautner, Taylor Dooley, Cayden Boyd

A 10-year-old dreamer’s imaginary friends – mighting Sharkboy and fire-producing Lavagirl – come to life to seek his help battling a nefarious baddie.


The Heat

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demiàn Bichir

Sandra Bullock heads the cast as a by-the-book FBI agent who forms an unlikely alliance with a maverick street cop to take down a Russian gangster.


The Internship

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne

Two out-of-work salesman, lacking the digital-savvy skills they need to find jobs, sign on as interns at a high-tech company.


The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

Cast:Scott McAfee, Candace Hutson, Heather Hogan

Littlefoot and his pals are back! Now living in the Great Valley, the tiny reptiles spot a pair of egg thieves from a secret hideaway they’ve made.


The Nutty Professor

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn

Humiliated while trying to impress a pretty grad student, portly professor Sherman Klump takes a massive dose of his new weight loss potion.


The Secret of Moonacre

Cast: Tim Curry, Juliet Stevenson, Natascha McElhone

When the fantastic tale in her storybook comes to life, a young girl finds herself trapped in an ancient feud between her family and a rival clan.


The Social Network

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

Director David Fincher’s biographical drama chronicles the meteoric rise of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Harvard sophomore to internet superstar.


The Way Way Back

Cast: Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney

A stifled teen finds his voice with help from the manager of a local water park, where he takes a summer job to escape his unbearable home life.


The Wiggles – Seasons 1 & 2

The top band for preschool kids, The Wiggles, entertains tots with spirited music, simple choreography and whimsical adventures.


Watershed: Exploring A New Water Ethic For The New West

With the Colorado River’s ability to meet the Southwest’s water needs nearing its limit, some of those who rely on it discuss options for the future.


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