The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Dr Meaker


Last weekend, friends and I stood on a dock, at the edge of a lake, deep in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. We talked about music and we debated who the best MCs and producers in the world are right now. We expressed our burning desires for something hot to drop this summer–and soon! Which brings me to the fact that Dr Meaker, is a super dope drum and bass outfit hailing from Bristol, England and today is the day they are releasing their album ‘DIRT & SOUL’ on Circus Records. Thus today is the day my friends and I have our desires for a killer summer album satisfied, completely.

I know it is only July but I feel confident that ‘DIRT & SOUL’ is the dopest album of the summer. Here’s one of the singles from ‘DIRT & SOUL’ so you can hear exactly why I feel that way:

Whether digital or vinyl, I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of ‘DIRT & SOUL’ HERE & checking out my interview with Clive Meaker below!

OG: So, what have you been up to lately? 

I have been working on finishing and now promoting my new album ‘DIRT & SOUL’ on Circus records.

OG: General inspirations for how you live your life? 

I try to find happiness where possible and practice self love; that’s where it all starts. Fight only the battles that need to be fought.

OG: How much time per day do you spend on music?

It depends which day it is. As an average per week I would say 4 hours a day. There is a lot more outside of the actual ‘making music’ when you’re a musician.

OG: Can you tell us about your artistic process please. Pot? Patting cats? Pacing?

My process these days starts with playing on the piano until something feels good and then I start to record it. Being out and listening to other music inspires me and triggers ideas. No pot involved. It works for some artists and not for others.

OG: Any advice for someone who would like to do something creative for a living? 

Be prepared to not know where the next pay check is coming from so make sure you have your rent covered!

OG: How do you feel about Cannabis? 

I think it works for some people and not for others. It’s like any drug. It should be respected and not abused. Everything should be used in moderation. I believe the plant has many uses but I don’t look into it too much. I was more interested in it when I was a teenager.

OG: How much coffee is too much coffee?

More than 2 cups a day and I’m getting twitchy!

OG: What hip hop tracks come to mind when you think about drugs?

Snoop Dog saying “Sticky Icky” … lol.

OG: What’s a groupie? 

Someone who loves an artist (or the artist’s fame) so much that they are prepared to base a friendship or intimate relationship on that alone.

OG: How do you feel about Feminism?

I think it is important and I’m open to hearing about anyone’s plight for equality.

OG: What do you think the secrets to happiness are?

To be kind to yourself. Learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them. Surround yourself with positive people and good friends. Be open to change because life will always change. Do things that are good for you.

OG: When do you think humans should be really brave?

When they need to be.

OG: How important are beauty, money and fashion? 

Money is important as people need it to eat and live. Beauty and fashion are more superficial yet still important to an extent.

OG: Anyone you’d love to work on a project with? 

I would like to work with Randy Crawford.

OG: Women you think are amazing?

The women down the Jerk Chicken shop are really kind and friendly.

OG: What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Try to have the courage to take all opportunities, regardless of how much anxiety you feel at the time.

OG: How many cats are too many cats, for one human to live with?

Any more than 2 is too many for one house.

OG: Where do you think Stoner Heaven is?

If it did exist then it’s probably in the mind of a stoner on a good buzz.  So it could be at any time in history.

OG: Where should stoners visit in your city? 

Everywhere. Bristol is a great city and attracts people of all backgrounds for different reasons.  The Stokes Croft area would probably be a good place to start for a stoner. There are plenty of them around.

OG: What do you want in return for dedicating your life to music?

It would be nice to be financially stable. But nothing really as the life is the life and is its own reward.

OG: What’s next for you?

More music and more life.

Thank you so much Clive — for taking the time to answer my questions, for sharing your point of view, and of course for making the soundtrack to my summer!

Best wishes from Canada,

Onya G.

Dr Meaker_Dirt and Soul_Digital_3000px WEB

Find Dr Meaker on social media and catch them live if you can!

July 2: Colourfest – Dorset

July 9: Electric Beach Festival – Newquay

July 30: Kendall Calling Festival – Lake District

August 27: Field Trip Festival – Wiltshire

September 17: Bussey Building – London

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