Best Titles to Fall Asleep To On Netflix Canada: July 2016

A lot of people ask me for suggestions of what to watch on Netflix before bed. First thing I tell them is to turn down the brightness of their screen if they ever want to fall asleep. Next I suggest a fun title that they won’t be tempted to watch for endless hours.

Lately I’ve been watching Charmed before bed and it is perfect because everything tends to be resolved by the end of a 45 minute episode and the cop in it is super dreamy. He isn’t dreamy enough to entice me into watching the show for endless hours though. Or he is and I’m not willing to admit it at this time.

If you are some freak who isn’t into beautiful witches here are some other titles I highly recommend watching before bed!

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian classic. Fact. You should watch it for that reason and also because there is something very relaxing about life in the trailer park.

Maria Bamford’s Netflix Original makes some of my friends uncomfortable — I think it is the greatest show ever made!

If you don’t love falling asleep to the sound of Pee-wee’s voice … I don’t think you are even human, or you simply are not stoned enough.

If you’d rather dream about cute animals than Pee-weed Herman, may I suggest 72 Cutest Animals.

If you are in “I’m stoned and want to watch cartoons” mode then may I suggest Futurama!

I’m going to end this list now as I don’t want to give you SO many options that you find yourself at a loss of what to watch, yet again.

Happy Netflix Witches!



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