Randy’s Rolling Machine & Grape Joints


Rolling machines are pretty nifty. If you smoke a lot of joints, are not great at rolling them or if your joints tend to canoe, a rolling machine is probably a wise purchase. For those that don’t smoke weed, “canoeing” is when a joint burns horribly uneven to the point of looking like a canoe.

Canoeing sucks because it is a waste of both weed and the time it took you to roll the joint —¬†rolling machines are one answer to this stoner problem.

Blows my mind that you put the herb into the rolling machine before the paper. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, you better watch a video and get a rolling machine for yourself from Randy’s. Yes, that’s right, Randy’s makes more than the wired rolling papers they are famous for!



I love Randy’s papers but … sometimes I just gotta have a grape-flavored jay!

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