The Top 20 Best Action Movies on Netflix Canada

I feel pretty confident that the following films are the best action movies currently available to stream on Netflix Canada!

If I didn’t have a day-job right now I would totally spend three days doing nothing but watching them all.

Hint, hint: If you don’t have a day-job please live this dream for me.

Note: These films are in no particular order.

1. The Dark Knight


2. Star Wars (The Force Awakens)

3. Lord of the Rings (The Return of The King, The Two Towers, The Fellowship of The Ring)


4. Kung Fury


5. Batman Begins


6. Fast & Furious

7. Braveheart


8. The Princess Bride


9. Life of Pi


10. The Terminator


11. Armageddon


12. First Blood


13. Payback


14. Total Recall


15. The Hunger Games (The whole lot of them)


16. 21 Jump Street


17. V For Vendetta


18. The Interview


19. Mission Impossible (III & Rogue Nation)


20. Tron (Original or Legacy)

Honorable Mentions: Pirates of The Caribbean, Wanted and The Beach.

Happy Netflixing Witches!

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