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Can you say that your mentors include Cypress Hill, Kurupt and Xzibit? Demrick can!

Demrick is an MC from LA who just put out a dope video for his track “Different Day” ft. Casey Veggies … check it out below …

“Different Day” is from Demrick’s new album Collect Call.

Stream Collect Call on Spotify:

Buy Collect Call on iTunes:

Read my interview with Demrick below! Forgive him for not loving cats.

Onya: So, what have you been up to lately?

Demrick: I just finished a 20 city tour with DJ Hoppa in The States.

General inspirations for how you live your life?

Positive vibes and great weed.

How much time per day do you spend on music?

I spend most of my day working on music in some way. Either in the studio, on tour, shooting videos, the business side, or building with fans.

Can you tell us about your artistic process please. Pot? Patting cats? Pacing?

Definitely blazing up and thinking about what I wanna talk about. Always making sure I’m having fun with the music too. Yes and pacing around while I write, haha.

Any advice for someone who would like to do something creative for a living?

Create thick skin and believe in yourself.

How do you feel about Cannabis? 

I feel great about cannabis and what it has done for my life. It really calms me and helps me deal with life stresses. I wish it was legal everywhere.

How do you feel about edibles?

I gotta be in the right mood for an edible.

How much coffee is too much coffee?

One cup a day is good for me.

What hip hop tracks come to mind when you think about drugs?

Any of Juicy J’s albums or mixtapes, lol.

What’s a groupie?

Sometimes fans forget us artists are people too. They will do or say whatever to you because they’re treating you like an object not a person. Those people are groupies.

How do you feel about Feminism?

I don’t really think about Feminism but to each their own.

What do you think the secrets to happiness are?

Live for you and the people you love, stop caring about other people’s opinions of you.

When do you think humans should be really brave?

Be brave when you truly believe in something.

How important are beauty, money and fashion?

Depends on the person but I like what’s beautiful to me, I wanna have money to do the things I want, and I like to be fly so for me those things are important.

Anyone you’d love to work on a project with?

Wiz Khalifa.

Women you think are amazing?

Smart, cute stoners girls. 🙂

What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Stay at it kid.

How many cats are too many cats, for one human to live with?

Never been a big fan of cats haha grew up with no pets (apartment life) and never really felt the love from cats. I like dogs.

Where do you think Stoner Heaven is?

Never running out of great weed.

Where should stoners visit in your city?

If you’re in LA visit Greenwolf dispensary.

What do you want in return for dedicating your life to music?

I be considered one of the greats. I just found my wave and I can’t wait to build it up.

What’s next for you?

A 15 track project with Dizzy Wright called Blaze With Us.

Thanks for your time Demrick! Stay dope.

Buy Collect Call on iTunes:

Collect Call Tracklist:
1. Collect Call (Intro) (prod. by Audio Jones)
2. Different Day (ft. Casey Veggies) (prod. by StandOut Musik)
3. Watch This (ft. Lil Debbie) (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
4. Bad Guy (prod. by Lavi$h)
5. Freak Show (prod. by Scoop DeVille)
6. Pocket Full of Green (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
7. Take Me to Cali (prod. by DJ Hoppa)
8. Down to Roll (prod. by Cali Cleve/ Roc and Mayne)
9. Broke Down the Walls (prod. by Scoop DeVille)
10. Back in the Daze (prod. by GMB Music)

Demrick Links: twitter | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube
Toke it easy, Onya G.

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