Dr.Dabber Premium Vaporizer Pen Aurora Kit & Stoner Girl Rosin Tech Failures

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Unboxing my dr.dabber Aurora  Premium Vaporizer Pen kit was super exciting. I got this kit from VapeWorld — which is definitely the biggest and best vaporizer shop in the world. Everyone I know that is on a mad hunt for a particular vaporizer ends up getting one from VapeWorld. Even all my fellow Canadians shop at VapeWorld!

Anyway, the dr.dabber Aurora kit includes three atomizers. Click the following link for details: drdabber.com

I love the ceramic mouth piece and the weight of this vaporizer pen. It feels super luxurious! It also comes with a charger, loading tool and a shatter-proof silicone container. For someone like me it is awesome that it is a kit with really everything you need because this is my first actual extracts pen. I’ve used pens that belong to other people or had the preloaded pens but this is my first loadable vaporizer pen that is mine all mine!


I can’t get over how much I love the weight of this pen. It just feels super nice in my hands. To me it is the perfect weight. I love that it is all magnetic and has a ceramic mouth piece. I’m also a sucker for the fact that it comes with a keychain. Just a dope little extra goodie!

Look how adorable it is in its charger! Such an awesome little pen.


I’m a legal medical cannabis user in Canada but no licensed producer is allowed to make smokeable extracts in Canada so … I gotta make my own!

I’ve been watching Rosin Tech videos online. This is the process of making extracts with nothing but parchment paper and a hair straightener. What a great use for the hair straightener I never bother to turn on otherwise!

All the videos online make Rosin Tech look super easy but … I’ve failed miserably at it. I even sacrificed some of the kief I’ve been collecting forever but alas … no extracts were produced. Which blows my mind … I won’t give up though! If you have any Rosin Tech tips please comment below!!



R.I.P. Boaty McBoatface nugs and ruined kief …

Stay dope dr.dabber and VapeWorld!!

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