Vapium Summit Review + Vaping with Grandma


I got this Vapium Summit quite a few months ago. Smoking weed all the time lends well to being optimistic but I always have a certain kind of heaviness in my heart when I think about portable vaporizers. We have had a torrid affair really. My first one was fueled by butane. I enjoyed being able to vape on the go but it was loud and the butane sucked for so many other reasons too.

After the butane nightmare I had a vaporizer that wasn’t even remotely a vaporizer (it burned the product), which I threw in the garbage after two attempted uses. Then one day a vaporizer came into my life and I really fell in love with it. I inhale a lot of marijuana sometimes though and this vaporizer couldn’t keep up. The cleanings became exceptionally difficult, mostly because I have failed to find any easy access special replacement screens.

When my Vapium Summit arrived on my doorstep I tried to open my heart up to falling in love again but there was some damaged part of me glowing with the darkness of fear. I unboxed the Vapium Summit in front of my vaporizing enthusiast friends. We all dug the packaging and everyone was fawning over the dry sack (pictured below), fancy USB charger and the Canadian-hinterland-worthy aesthetic. I use this vaporizer every day on my lunch break but it is also worthy of climbing mountains or portaging into the deep of a provincial park.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.22.08 PM

I let some of my vaping enthusiast friends try it first. The taste was a bit weird at first but simply because in hindsight we should have given it an alcohol wipe down and let it go through a couple of heat cycles. This goes for any new vaporizer. The flavor improved after a few uses of the Summit and now is comparable to the flavor with my Volcano.

I had some trouble with this unit when I first got it. It just wouldn’t produce vapor for me sometimes. The solution was super simple though! I just had to stir and pat down the product in the chamber. Since I’ve started using this little trick I haven’t had any trouble at all!

I use my Volcano at home and then use my Summit during my lunch breaks or if I’m traveling or visiting a friend. We’ve had many long, happy months together now. I avoided cleaning the unit for quite some time because I feared that would be the end of me and it but after I bit the bullet I was relived. It was super easy to clean and other than changing the screen a few times and wiping it down with alcohol I’ve  only had to clean it once! The cleaning was totally painless too.

I have no complaints about the Summit’s battery, other than the fact that I forget to charge it. I know some people obsess over getting a vape with a battery you can replace but I prefer to have two totally different units. If you forget your unit somewhere, a replacement battery isn’t going to help you! One super neat thing about the Summit is that you can get a solar charger for it. The unit vibrates when it gets to temperature and the chamber closes with the help of magnets — a couple more neat features of the Summit.

The only real complaint I got from all of my vaping enthusiast friends was that they couldn’t feel the air flowing through this vaporizer. This is different than other vaporizers but I don’t feel it is a bad thing at all. It just isn’t what you are used too but someone new to vaporizing wouldn’t notice. For example, my Grandmother is 91 and has never used cannabis before in her life but has recently had a lot of pain in her back that keeps landing her in the emergency room. She asked me to bring her cannabis to try, so I did.

My Grandmother tried cannabis for the first time via the Vapium Summit. One of my friends said the unit gets too warm during a long session, my Grandma agrees with me — it doesn’t. It gets a little warm but it is never too hot. My Grandma has never smoked anything in her life so for her how the air flows through the unit is totally a non-issue.

In summation, the Vapium Summit is an amazing little portable vaporizer fit for city and forest dwellers alike! The unit is easy to use and the price-point is amazing ($150 USD). I think this is a great company who cares about both patients and social-enjoyers of cannabis.

Oh, also my Grandma says “cannabis is a miracle drug, they can put me in jail if they want to.” I couldn’t agree more Grandma!

Stay dope Vapium!!

There is now a Summit+ which has changed the air flow and added the waterproof feature. Hello vaping in the shower!

You can view all of Vapium’s products at the following link:

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