Bubblebags & Catnip Hash


I am the proud new owner of a set of Bubblebags! If you don’t know what they are, you probably don’t love hash.

Here are the instructions for making cold water hash with Bubblebags: http://www.bubblebag.com/instructions/bubblebag_simple.php

I’m going to attempt to make catnip hash, unless anyone wants to stop me?


I am also the proud new owner of a Bubblebag.com grinder card. I remember when these cards first came out and my cousin and I were obsessed with them. Like half a decade later and they are still one of my favorite cannabis products. Grinder cards are one of the only reasons I’m rarely without a grinder. I perpetuate stereotypes by always leaving my regular grinder at my day-job or home constantly.

Ya I smoke weed at work.


Stay dope Bubblebags!

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