Vapium Summit+ Review


Guess who can vape in the shower now … this stoner girl! Thanks to the Vapium Summit+ I procured from VapeWorld:

I thought I loved my Vapium Summit … and I do but I absolutely adore my Summit+ … !!!

I love the look of it, perfect for a practical treefort-dwelling woman like myself. I love how the vaporizer vibrates when it is ready, the funky USB cord, the option to use concentrates and having extra mouthpiece covers. The battery life is great and the maintenance is perfectly low.


You can read all about my adoration for the original Summit at the following link:

What makes the Summit+ extra dope is the option to vape in the shower of course (waterproof), concentrate pads, better air flow and a SUPER handy stir tool that nests in the unit. This stir tool is so handy people with other vaporizers ask me to borrow it all the time!


I was worried the improved air flow in the Summit+ might mean I would have to clean it more but I’ve been using it every day for about a month and haven’t had to clean it yet.

If the Summit+ was more expensive I would still think it is a stellar unit but for the price point, I’m positive there is nothing better on the market!

Stay dope Vapium! I can’t think of any possible improvements for your next vape. I’m beyond impressed with the Summit+!!

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