Creepy Fanged Clown

Only 15 days until Halloween! My creepy clown and I can’t wait!


I’m taking a writing course right now and we had to do a writing exercise about a clown eating a balloon animal. Here is mine …

This October day is wet with rain and chilled by a blustery wind. The wind doesn’t stay blowing in one direction long and feels cold regardless of where it is coming from. Orange and red maple leaves cover the streets. Ten feet from the sidewalk, a quarter of a kilometer from the school, stands Violette and the clown, together in the rain, on the wet grass under a tree with no leaves at all.

The clown is all rainbows and polka dots, striped pants, spotty shirt, a jacket slightly too tight and a bow tie much too large. Violette is in her banana-coloured raincoat and her deep pink rubber boots. Violette is overly aware of how warm and dry her feet are inside of her boots. She doesn’t know what will happen if she is late for school but feels her grade-five-teacher will understand since a clown is involved.

Inside Violette’s coat pocket is a tiny kitten, which has suddenly become perfectly still, hoping not to alert the clown to its presence. This thought flutters through Violette’s mind as the clown reaches into his own jacket pocket. The clown reaches so deeply his elbow disappears, then he stops reaching and drags out a long black balloon, the colour of midnight and the feline Violette feels tremble ever so slightly.

The clown’s body swells with the inhalation of air as he presses the balloon to his giant red mouth. The clown’s body shrinks as the balloon stretches, squeaks and expands. The clown ties the balloon shut and begins to twist and turn it in all possible directions. He stops suddenly and shows Violette what he has done. Her eyes widen as her mouth falls gently open. The clown has made a black cat, tiny and curled up, just like the one hiding in Violette’s pocket.

The clown’s jaw drops too but his unhinges, wiggles with looseness and covers his neck. Violette cannot hear the clown’s jaw changing but how it moves convinces her there is some ungodly stretching of ligaments happening beneath the pulled and white painted flesh.

Violette shudders at the sight of what has been hiding in the clown’s mouth as he brings the balloon kitten upwards with his white-gloved hands.  Out of the corner of his giant clown mouth spills saliva, which finds its way to the ground thanks to its weight. The drool pools with excess on the clown’s shiny black shoes, which are not huge but instead freakishly small. The clown isn’t taking bites of the balloon animal. He is swallowing it whole. Waves of expansion and contraction ripple through the clown’s body while his curved teeth push the balloon cat in without popping it to bits.

The clown’s skin stretches and stretches until the bright colors of his makeup became diluted like watered-down cola. All the while his eyes remain open. His dark eyes don’t close. His pupils grow larger. The clown is not looking at Violette but she knows he is watching her. The feeling makes her skin flutter with goosebumps and her breathing stops as she opens her mouth almost as wide as the clown’s, but her’s in a silent scream.

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