Big Foot & the Head-Climbing Siamese

This is my second time cat-sitting these two feline gems. They are pretty much polar opposites and equally lovable.



She, who I’ll call “S.”, is a tiny Siamese who would prefer to always have your attention. If S. doesn’t have your attention she will climb your head with her eagle-claw-like talons.

S. is very cuddly and sweet. Once she debated fleeing the house and then fell over backwards by the wind coming through the open door. She’s the type of cat who prefers staying indoors and snuggling around your neck when you sit down for two seconds.


He, who I’ll call “B.”, is a polydactyl cat in a Tuxedo who would almost always prefer to be outside. Except for when he is hungry.

How B. eats is notable. He tends to shovel cat food in by opening his mouth mostly on the bottom and dragging his mouth across the bottom of the food bowl. Sort of how I imagine whales eat things from the bottom of the ocean.




B. and S. tolerate each other. Meaning B. will pretend S. isn’t there, until catnip is involved.



B. is top cat but he has better things to do than fight over cat drugs.

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