DAVINCI IQ — Portable Vaporizer Review

I’ve had my DAVINCI IQ for a little over a month now. It was love at first sight and it works as good as it looks so now I can’t imagine my life without it.

The IQ is the latest portable vaporizer from DAVINCI. You can check out full details at the following link: http://www.davincivaporizer.com/iq-vaporizer/

Honestly, how much portable vaporizers have changed since I first became a medical cannabis patient is pretty overwhelming. Like if 12 years ago you tried to tell me I’d be vaporizering out of something that looked like this I’d have thought you were way higher than me.

I had so much fun photographing the DAVINCI IQ! This is a really sleek vaporizer. There is some weight to this vape which makes it feel both durable and luxurious at the same time. The air path is 100% ceramic zirconia and I’ve found this vape to be super low maintenance in the cleaning department — which is a MUST for me as an every-day-vaper.

Normally I let people take my vapes home for the weekend so I can get feedback from them but I’m way to attached to this portable to let it out of my sight. I have let a bunch of people try the IQ in my presence though.

Some people who tried the IQ thought the lights on the front were too bright. The lights on the front can switch from squares indicating temperature to numbers that read the exact temperature. The IQ is an app-enabled device. The lights can be turned off in the handy app, thanks to “stealth mode.”

Some people who tried the IQ thought it got too hot. To me it gets warm not hot. It has never been too warm for me to hold in my hands, if it did, I would call it hot. To be honest, I actually like the warmth from the unit. Haha, so in summation maybe I’m just a freak but I’m certain the unit doesn’t get too warm for my liking.

I highly recommend getting the little carrying case for the IQ. I find it super nice to have. Helps me remember everything I need and is easy to throw into my purse.

I have no issue with the battery life of the IQ. I just wish I didn’t have to remember to charge it. So I should probably just get another battery …

Some Lemon Skunk in my DAVINCI stash jar! They also carry little emergency stash keychains, which myself and everyone around me found quite novel.

You can check out all the IQ accessories at the following link: http://www.davincivaporizer.com/iq-vaporizer-accessories/

A great way to learn about all the features of the IQ is by checking out all the handy videos on DAVINCI’s YouTube channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/davincivaporizer/videos

So ya, I dig the DAVINCI IQ and I would highly recommend this portable vaporizer.

Stay dope DAVINCI!

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