What to Fall Asleep to On Netflix — Lockup: Women Behind Bars

To be honest I started watching “Lockup: Women Behind Bars” because I’ve watched everything else featuring lesbians on Netflix Canada.

If life has taught me anything it is that there are lesbians in jail. This documentary taught me there are also “lesbians until release” in both jails and prisons.

I know a show about women doing hard-time might not be everyone’s choice for something to watch before bed but for me, I think this show is as relaxing as it gets.

I find this show soothing due to the fact that it makes me feel like all my “problems” are really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. This perspective helps me sleep at night.

The most disturbing thing about this show is the fact that it started to feature men in detention centers. At first it was only one or two per episode until there was an entire episode about men in prison.

If I wanted to watch a show about men in prison, I would not have chosen something called “…Women Behind Bars.” Ya know? Not impressed, dear whoever made this series.

In summation, I highly recommend watching “Lockup: Women Behind Bars” before you go to bed tonight. Just skip the episodes featuring dudes.

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