What to watch on Netflix when you’re stoned … all weekend …

We are in the depths of Canadian winter again. Time to get stoned and watch Netflix for far too many hours.

From raunchy comedy to a documentary about koalas, here are my top recommendations of what to watch on Netflix while you are high this weekend.


Casper was recently added to Netflix, or I just noticed it, hard to say. Either way, it is such a lovely and relaxing film to watch while high. This 90s classic is about a young girl and a ghost who become friends … and three other ghosts that spend most of their time annoying everyone they can. This film stars Christina Ricci and you’ll know you got too stoned before watching it if you miss the Dan Aykroyd, Rodney Dangerfield, Clint Eastwood, Crypt Keeper and Mel Gibson cameos. I’m kidding, there is no such thing as being too stoned to watch Casper.


Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex) is one of the stars of Halloweed but you’ll also spot the dad from Twin Peaks, Danny Trejo and Jason Mewes. I’ve watched this movie three times now and I really can’t decide if it is something I should even admit I’ve seen once let alone recommend to other people. But here we are. Am I recommending it? I really don’t know … if you feel like being offended and horrified … and disgusted with the human race, then yes, yes I am.

Unfortunately, this film does not pass the Bechdel movie test … or any other feminist test … but I’m too stoned to care and technically the koala documentary I recommend below doesn’t pass the Bechdel test either.

Yindi: The Last Koala?

I think this film is a solid choice! Staring at koalas is a trip. They are adorable little beasts that kinda look like dinosaurs when they are running through green fields.

This documentary is informative and amusing. I’ve never seen a koala swim before and the filmmakers did a great job at highlighting the complex relationship koalas and humans have.

Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

I highly recommend watching Neal Brennan’s new comedy special 3 Mics, which was recently added to Netflix. You might not recognize him but you probably know his work. Neal co-created both Half Baked and The Chapelle Show with Dave Chapelle.

This special isn’t just comedy. He talks about emotional stuff too. In addition to Ketamine therapy for depression, warming your hands on the fame of others and people who eat in the dining sections at grocery stores. His bit about Confederate flags is my favorite.

Well I’m off to vape and try to find something to watch on Netflix.

Wish me luck!

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