Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

Pictured above is the new Grasshopper vaporizer from Hopper Labs located in Boulder, Colorado. This vape comes with a lifetime warranty. I’m not sure if I’m ready for a lifelong commitment but I do appreciate such an offer!

This vape is unique, that is for sure! When I first opened the Grasshopper it felt so different it threw me for a bit of a loop. Then I read the safety warning …

I think everyone should ready safety information about a vaporizer before they try it for the first time but I don’t recommend doing so when you are already super high on a large amount of something sativa.

The warning and the little picture of a simplified human being electrocuted or whatever, freaked me out. I also constantly check my feet for needles when I walk in a beautiful park though, just to put things in perspective. I think describing me as a nervous person is more than fair.

I emailed Hopper Labs about my concerns and they were quick to respond and calm my fears. At this point there are so many vape companies out there, customer service can set one apart — and I’m happy with Hopper Labs response to my queries/worries.

Anyways, I’m a weirdo who is afraid of new things but one night my regular portable vape died and my Volcano was having a sleepover with a friend, so I tried the Grasshopper. I picked it up and got great vapor from it on my first attempt.

Regardless of how fine or course the herb was ground the Grasshopper delivered good vapor. This is something I really value in a vaporizer. I don’t enjoy fussy vapes that need a very particular grind. Sometimes for convenience purposes I want to be able to quickly prep the herb with my fingertips.

The design of this vaporizer is what I find most impressive. I’d definitely recommend using the silicone mouthpiece sleeve but even with that on the unit it is definitely a nice sleek and stealth vaporizer.

The charger is another neat feature of this vaporizer (pictured above). I have never used one like it before but it works great and feels like a good quality charger.

My favorite feature is the quick auto-shutoff. The Grasshopper heats up super fast so the fact it shuts itself off all the time isn’t inconvenient, it just helps you save battery life.

I don’t want to perpetuate any stoner-stereotypes but … I’m always forgetting to turn my vaporizers off when I’m not using them which lends well to draining batteries.

In summation, the safety warning struck the fear of god into me but Hopper Labs seems to be good at responding to customers, even overly anxious ones like me. I also love the stealth design of this vaporizer and the fact that I got excellent vapor from it regardless of how well I ground the herb, cause, lazy.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the creators of the Grasshopper come up with next.

Stay dope Hopper Labs!

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