Thank You @TcKozak

Theresa Kozak (@TcKozak) is one of the most lovely humans I have ever met! I did this painting in honor of her and everything she has done for medical cannabis patients in Canada.

About a decade ago Theresa helped me safely access medical cannabis when I was very, very sick and really needed help. Her kindness will never be forgotten.

Later, she was also one of the first women I volunteered alongside in the cannabis world and she was always beyond inspiring to work with.

Flash to now (like ten years later). My cannabis prescription expired and my specialist couldn’t see me for months — and Theresa once again helped me get safe access.

Theresa is also hard at work doing some amazing research right now! Check out the call for participants below.

Thank you so much for everything you do Theresa! Your kindness and all that you have done for the cannabis community will NEVER be forgotten.

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