Glass Shack, Kingston, Ontario

I stopped by Glass Shack north of Kingston, Ontario.

Super lovely little studio where a plethora of glassblowers spend time on the torches!

@BonitaTricOm photo of @crossman_glass‘ back, @chefbuddersglass blowing into a tube and the side of my face!

@BonitaTricOm photo of @crossman_glass.

@BonitaTricOm photo of moi.

@BonitaTricOm photo of @chefbuddersglass working away.

@BonitaTricOm photo of pipes made by … ? Holler if you recognize the work please!

@BonitaTricOm photo @jailerpot beads!

Pendant made by @crossman_glass.

Pendant made by @crossman_glass.

Dabbers, shot glasses, q-tip jars and beads made by @crossman_glass and @jailerpot.

I love all their stuff! I love what they make and the colours they choose! Also, let the record show, the great folks at Glass Shack are cat people and @chefbuddersglass is too!!

They were cold… what was I going to say, no? LOL

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