Netflix While Stoned: Scream Queens and a couple of psychological thrillers!

I’m so excited October is here!

Are you? Do you have special ways you celebrate this magical spooky season?

I think there’s no better way to celebrate this first day of this most wonderful month than by watching something scary on Netflix tonight!

Here’s the three best scary things I watched on Netflix this week …

Backcountry (2015)

This Canadian psychological thriller is the perfect film to watch just as camping season is coming to a close, or when your partner won’t stop nagging you to go camping with them! It was shot up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is all about suspense … and a couple of very graphic scenes.

The Invitation (2016)

Another psychological thriller! This one would be perfect to watch after a nice dinner party with your closest friends. Logan Marshall-Green is the star and the whole time I was watching I tried to remember what I’ve seen him in before. He’s definitely been in a lot of stuff but upon investigation, I know him best from teen-angst drama, The O.C. … which is wildly embarrassing.

Scream Queens (2015 – 2016)

Last but certainly not least, I’ve finished The Fall so now I’m on to a new murder-filled show but this one is super zany and fun! A second season of Scream Queens has just arrived to Netflix so if you are in the mood to binge-watch, I highly recommend this show. It is a scream.

Happy Netflixing Witches and HAPPY OCTOBER!

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