New “G Pen Elite” Vaporizer for Ground Materials

I really like this new vape from Grenco Science. Good-sized chamber, easy to clean, great battery life, heats up super fast and has always delivered great vapor to my lungs! Just been a pleasure to use really. I also enjoy the temp and battery life display, haven’t seen one like this before so it amuses me!

Only real complaint is that the mouth piece is tough for me to remove with my bare hands and I don’t love having to touch it period (I live with OCD, but still). The cleanliness issue can be solved with alcohol swabs (which I always keep stocked) but I wouldn’t recommend this vape to anyone with a lot of pain in their hands.

Overall a great vape for ground material at a fair price-point ($229 CAD). You can read more about the G Pen Elite here:

Black vaporizer with art supplies in the background.

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