Dr. Dabber – Glass Works: Diamond Perc Rig Review

I’m so impressed with Dr. Dabber’s Glassworks line! I just got the Diamond Perc Rig and the whole crew and I think it is dope — works great, pulls nice and it is super good for big dabs. I like the simple branding too, the spiffy perc is the focus, as it should be.

A lot of my friends pay way too much for rigs with ridiculous sloppy connections. Glass gets stressed out when two pieces are only half-melted together. Which is why my friends break their rigs a LOT. The work on this rig is flawless and the price-point is super reasonable ($200).

I’d highly recommend Dr. Dabber glass to my friends and the Diamond Perc Rig in particular to those who love big monster dabs.

Dad, I know you are probably reading this and wondering what a “perc” is … you can learn more about this rig and see what a “perc” is all about in the video below, or at the following link: https://www.drdabber.com/collections/glassworks/products/diamond-perc-glass-rig

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