The Stoner Girl’s Guide to New Portals

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I was introduced to New Portals last winter and I have adored them ever since! This electronica indie pop duo hailing from the UK, is definitely one to watch, or rather, listen out for. There is something magic about their music and New Portals are creating momentum by putting in the work. I look forward to seeing them live someday, when they are doing a world tour!

This is the first song of their’s I heard and it is the perfect soundtrack to a snowy day.

Here they are doing a wicked live version of their tune, Groove Boy.

Last but not least, here is their latest, Sober.


I had the honour of interviewing New Portals. Check it out below!

What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Take notice of what makes you happy and try to build a career of it. Educate yourself in contraception 🙂 Meditate every day.

What do you think would happen if a 90-year-old woman accidentally fed a pan of hash brownies to a pack of squirrels?

The squirrels would huddle together, give each other and the 90-year-old woman a nice shoulder massage and listen to some ambient chill-out from New Portals.

How do you feel about cats? And how many cats do you think are too many cats for one woman to own?

No rulez to the number baby. I’m allergic though, so that’s an issue…

How much coffee is too much coffee?

For me if I have 3+ per day that is too much and the irritable me comes out to play.

Anything you love watching on Netflix?

Really enjoyed ‘Easy’ and ‘ The Sinner’ recently. Easy is a series of snapshots from loosely connected couples as they go through an interesting life event. ‘Sinner’ is a psychological ‘whodunit’ with a really cool storyline. Both really good in different ways. We highly recommend them both.

What helps you get in the creative mood?

Changing it up. Picking up a new instrument. That’s one of the reasons we’ve just moved to London — we’re getting away from a lifestyle that had started to become too predictable. I’m also most productive after a great breakfast and a strong coffee.

What do you think is the most valuable way to spend your time?

Family time, quality connection time with people that I like. This thrills me.

What’s next for you?

We just moved to Hackney a few weeks ago so we are excited to get stuck into it all here. Got more tunes ready for consumption too. We’re going to play some shows, write some more and keep meeting awesome people!

Thank you so much for your time — and for being super dope!

Find more from New Portals at the links below …

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  1. Xin Lin
    January 9, 2018 at 7:38 am (11 months ago)

    They’re doing an excellent job! Good luck !


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