The Stoner Girls’ Guide to Piercings By Bri [Ottawa]

Bri is a Professional Body Piercer at The Ink Spot in Canada’s snowy capital, Ottawa. She is a hilarious, creative, brilliant and brave woman! She’s also just literally the coolest. Not in the way some people are, where they actually just make you feel crummy about your own life or self. She’s cool in a way that fills you up with the sense that “life is a pretty fucking wild ride that we better enjoy.”

I would really like to get my septum pierced because of Bri’s Instagram account but I also almost faint when I scroll through it sometimes so … I’m going to have to toughen up before I sit in her chair. Please go get pierced by her and send me photos though, so I can vicariously live through you and then faint in the privacy of my own home.

I highly recommend following Bri’s piercing career here:

Here are some of my favourite piercings she has done!

Here's a freshly paired double nostril from today!

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Piercing living flesh is a pretty neat job. Especially because humans have such a long and interesting history with this art/skill/practice. Here’s a little video about the topic!

Now check out my chat with Bri the Piercer below!

What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?
Dropout. Quit your job. Ditch your boyfriend and run away! It would have given me many more glorious years of hard travelling, just me, my backpack and the open road. Oh yeah and way less debt.
What do you think would happen if a 90-year-old woman accidentally fed a pan of hash brownies to a pack of squirrels?
Hilarity would ensue. Based on what I know about squirrels, they would most likely break into her house through her window screens and eat all her food. And maybe her face.
How do you feel about cats? And how many cats do you think are too many cats for one woman to own?
I love kitties! I think a woman should be able to have as many cats as she wants — as long as she can identify all of them by name, and care for them properly of course.
How much coffee is too much coffee?
Well, for me, any coffee is too much coffee. I stopped drinking it a few months ago. I’m all about the tea these days … don’t judge me!
Anything you love watching on Netflix?
I usually binge on Netflix for a while and then stop watching it for another while. Latest favourites have been Forensic Files, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, the OA and Fargo. I’ve been on a break lately though, instead I usually just watch re-runs of Jeopardy on YouTube.
What helps you get in a creative mood?
I am most creative when I have low stress and lots of free time. And when I smoke weed of course.
What do you think is the most valuable way to spend your time?
That’s a tough question. I find that when I’m nomadic I’m the most happy. But I suppose I can’t necessarily spend the rest of my life wandering. So I guess I would say not being stuck at a job 40 hours a week that you hate, which is lucky for me that I have a job I really enjoy. Umm, going to punk shows and fests is something I always make time for. And lastly, hanging out with my dog, my partner and my friends, always feels like a pretty rewarding way to spend my time.
Oh yeah, and reading too. I’ve really been into reading lately.
What’s next for you?
Only time will tell. But hopefully it involves an apartment with a soaker tub.
Thank you so much for your time Bri and for being such a rad, wonderful and inspiring human!

Don’t forget to follow Bri’s piercing adventures here:

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