MagicalButter & Lazy Cannabis Lotion

I think this is the first time I have ever actually used my MagicalButter. I can’t believe how quickly we could make infused liquid coconut oil with this machine!!! We screamed every time the blender part started but nothing went awry. Also, there was a disco light-show and I don’t think it smelled even a little. Though I never left and came back. So there may be some neighbours that feel differently.

I only look worried because new things scare me!

We mixed the infused liquid coconut oil 50/50 with a natural papaya lotion base.

Only real complaint was that the MagicalButter team decided to call the the green heatproof glove the “Love Glove” … lol.


Thanks for hosting, modeling, helping and taking photos @grrrlstothefront!

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