This classic stoner film is leaving Netflix.

This week Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced cannabis will be legal across the country as of October 17th, 2018. I think I’m still in shock … and it is a great moment in history but …

I won’t celebrate fully until everyone in jail for soon-to-be obsolete cannabis-related charges are set free, and all medical cannabis patients have affordable (covered by insurance) access.

Some insurance companies are covering cannabis now, in certain circumstances, under certain plans … but it isn’t enough. Too many people are still in a position where they have to take opioids for pain management because the opioids are covered by their insurance and medical cannabis isn’t. Which sucks.

Nonetheless, progress is progress and it feels like a good time to watch Dazed and Confused. Especially since this classic cannabis culture film is leaving Netflix Canada on July 1st!

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