The MIQRO is the latest portable vaporizer from DaVinci, designed for dried flower. The MIQRO is a smaller vape than DaVinci’s last (the IQ), it also has a smaller price-point.

I never took issue with the warmth of the IQ but I do have “glassblower hands” and some of my friends found it too warm for their comfort. I assume DaVinci received complaints as the MIQRO comes with a silicone cover, making any such complaint null and void!

Anytime I talk about vaporizers people also ask me, “is that the ONE I should buy?” … but it isn’t that simple. For me, the right vape is actually a combination of a desktop and a couple of portables like this one.

I don’t think one vaporizer could be everything to me but if you only have a few puffs each day or week, this might be the vape for you! Just wouldn’t recommend it to someone who consumes multiple grams per day as it is little and cute but … it is little and the battery is too!

I love the colour and carrying case. This will be the vape I keep in my purse for cannabinoid top-ups on the go. You can learn more about this sleek little vape here: https://www.vapeworld.com/products/davinci-miqro-vaporizer

Stay dope DaVinci!

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