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The Stoner Girls’ Guide to Royksopp ♪

♫ ONYA GANJA’S 420 FOUR ♫ (4)

I like to procrastinate and watch porn instead of doing my homework but unfortunately this leads to weeks where all I do is pull paper writing all-nighters. Meh. This is one of those weeks. You know what goes great with all-nighters and hash? (Homework or no homework). Royksopp, that’s what. Royksopp also goes great with pretty much every activity. From acting like a crazy bitch to snugglin’ kitties. I effin’ love Royksopp and will always effin’ love Royksopp. Even though I am probably one of the most fickle women you will ever meet.

So here are four of my favourite Royksopp tracks! Inhale deeply and enjoy.

1) Royksopp – Happy Up Here

2) Royksopp – Remind Me

3) Royksopp – Eple

4) Royksopp – I Wanna Know

Toke it easy!

Onya Ganja

To be Frank…

This post doesn’t need much. All I have to say is that the album ‘Frank’ By Amy Winehouse is the best breakup album of all time. If you’re in the mood to feel swag, sexy, and a little bit nostalgic, this album will hit the spot juuussttt right.


And for some reason, every time I listen to this album in my post break up haze of alcohol and weed I get a crazy surge of creativity. Last time I broke up with someone I ended up pumping out some of my favourite paintings of all time.

Granted… a couple of them got destroyed amidst a couple of hillbilly-esk fights we had*.


Stay High Readers,


* When deciding to throw your ex’s shit out a window, make sure none of your prized possessions are close by … because they will also get thrown out a window.

The Stoner Girls’ Guide to The Pharcyde ♪

♫ Onya Ganja’s 420 Four ♫ (1)

For some strange reason there was a man in my bed the other day … anyways, he proceeded to make the bold-statment that I am the only girl he knows who listens to The Pharcyde. Actually, I think he said the only person in general. That is the most fucked-up thing I have ever heard. I bet even my Grandma would love The Pharcyde (at least more than my dyke-hair-cut) and they are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE HIP HOP CREW. I could detail all the reasons why The Pharcyde is so amazing but if you just take a little listen I think it will become instantly obvious why I love them so much. Their hip hop saved my life. So roll up a fat one and enjoy!

1) The Pharcyde – Drop  … (I think my most favourite music video ever.)

2) The Pharcyde – Ya Mama

3) The Pharcyde – Otha Fish

4) The Pharcyde – Pandemonium … (Anyone who has ever seen me in a fight knows I learned all my moves from Street Fighter.)

Toke it easy!

Onya Ganja

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Midnight Club EP

So I was at my best buddy Don Music’s place and we were blazing and watching “Weeds” (2012) to celebrate his last night in Canada. Fuck … I am really high right now … but I am going to power-through and write this blog. Short-term memory or no short-term memory (the short-term memory disturbances related to cannabis use are temporary for the record).

Anywaysssssss! Weeds wouldn’t load so he threw on this video set, Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP. Something about these three videos mesmerizes me. Maybe it’s the weed but it’s probably more the cinematography. To make matters more mesmerizing the lead looks almost exactly like my College Sweetheart Damon. Actually I think this short-film and soundtrack is done in such a way that almost any girl will see her ex-boyfriend in the lead character, even if they don’t have his doppelgänger for an ex-boyfriend.

For the record, Damon was a pathological liar and a pretty comical yet fairly serious binge drinker. But aren’t all the good ones? We made some amazing memories together and I loved him with all my heart … but that is a whole other blog entry man.

This musical trilogy of a short-film is the perfect length to smoke a joint to. I could watch this shit stone-cold sober though. For all the dudes and dykes reading this. There are some pretty ladies in all three videos. Not pretty like the girl that sat next to me in my Sexualities lecture today but … pretty close.

Respect and thanks to Russ Chimes and director Saman Keshavarz for making the Midnight Club EP exist and much love to my buddy Don Music for introducing me to it.

Toke it easy,

Onya Ganja

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