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Working on some new mushroom pendant designs …

I’m working on some new mushroom pendant designs and the is one of them! I love working with the purple colour (it is called Wisteria) and I’m equally in love with making black mushrooms! This almost looks like the mushrooms growing on my front lawn right now … I suspect they are highly poisonous.

Flameworked my first Q-tip holder …

I flameworked my first Q-tip holder out of borosilicate (hard glass). It looks like it has Chickenpox … oh well! Holds Q-tips great!

Dad, if you are wondering why I have any interest in making a Q-tip holder, it is because I used Q-tips to clean my e-nail, which is what I dab with. 🙂

I made a couple of vampire denture pendants out of glass …

I made a couple sets of “vampire dentures” and added some blood to the teeth and then made a blood loop so they could be pendants. They were fun to make but I find white borosilicate glass so hard to work with, it always bubbles on me! I guess because I always work it too hot. 😛

When both sets of vampire teeth were out of the kiln the next day I put them on my workbench. Later on there was a studio tour and a girl about eight said she loved them, which made me laugh. I love horror now but I would have been scared of the teeth when I was her age I think. Wish I had of given her a set!

Made some glass radishes … or beets? You tell me!

Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with making tiny vegetables out of borosilicate glass? Everyone debates if these pendants I made are beets or radishes. What do you think? I’m starting to think maybe they are some magical little root vegetable that doesn’t really exist. Which I’m totally cool with!

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