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Dr.Dabber Honeymat

I am pretty into my new Dr.Dabber Honeymat! I got the large version and use it as a heat resistant non-stick mat for my rig. I will probably use it to organize concentrates, eventually …

Also pretty into Dr.Dabber’s new caterpillar stickers! Haha.

Larger Format Glass Dragon

Need a new pipe? Tired of larger format glass dragons? You could purchase a bong from Tokyo Smoke, or you could go with High Times’ more cost-effective alternative offered in their “Marijuana For Everybody” calendar.


Pictured above is my new four-piece Aerospaced grinder. I prefer grinders with kief collectors but I can’t remember why.

I like the weight of this grinder! We’ll see if it is as durable as it feels. My favorite thing about it so far is that it is huge! Purrfect for rolling joints at parties.

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