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Please Sign This Petition For The Truth About Cannabis & Crohn’s Disease

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Crohn’s & Colitis Canada is still refusing to take down the misleading information from their website! Cannabis has proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of Crohn’s Disease — time to get this medical foundation to admit it!

We only need 58 more signature! Please click the link below to sign.

Tell The Truth About Cannabis and Crohn’s Disease!

Thank you for helping us fight the power!

Best wishes,

Onya G.

“Your Memory Seems Really Bad Lately, Do You Think It Is The Pot?”

The title of this article is something my roommate said to me the other day. My response to her was “there are some things that I prefer to forget.” The fact that marijuana has an effect on memory is a very common discourse in the media and lay conversations. So let’s get a couple of things straight. I do think while under the very temporary effects of THC (around an hour and 35 minutes) short-term memory and thought patterns are affected. Based on empirical evidence and personal experience I do not believe marijuana has ANY negative long-term effects on memory. I am in university and smoke weed every day. I also study less and get better marks on exams than anyone I know, including the people who don’t smoke any pot. There is a joke in my family that the more pot I smoke the higher my average gets.

The other point I would very much like to instill in my readers is that the temporary short-term memory effects of THC are a POSITIVE attribute. How THC changes thoughts and feelings can actually produce results similar to my experience ┬áin Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Being chronically or acutely ill can be very traumatic and it is important to address the psychological effects of this trauma. What it all really comes down to though is that if you think I should have a crystal clear memory of every day I was physically tortured by my own body … well, you are probably a sadist.

The bottom line is, yes, THC does have temporary effects on short-term memory but this is actually a positive and healing effect that I am VERY thankful for. Thank you marijuana, you’re the best … literally.

Toke It Easy,

Onya Ganja


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