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Cannabis Seed Art: Suffering and a watercolour strawberry

Wow was this strawberry ever a struggle! At first I did a strawberry on nice watercolour paper but the strawberry was too small so the cannabis seeds looked way too huge on it. So I realized I needed to go much, much larger. I had no watercolour paper large enough so I used a big sheet of mysterious synthetic paper instead. Then it was just a struggle because I had never worked on a watercolour piece this large before and the paper sucked and the colour kept pooling in weird ways … then my cat insisted on knocking all the seeds off.

Long-story-short … every step of making this piece was difficult and frustrating … and I’m so ready to move on to my next project!

#MeetTheArtist / #WhatsInMyBag

I’m obsessed with these posts on Instagram! I love looking at all the different #MeetTheArtist illustrations from artists all over the world! Especially when they include the #WhatsInMyBag hashtag.

This is more writing in a doodle than I’ve ever done before … must be a typo somewhere … but like who cares?!

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