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Pogo: A Love Story

“Pogos are either eaten with Ketchup or Mustard, and everyone in Canada is either a mustard lover or a ketchup lover. But never both. The spot, which feels like a foreign animated film tells the doomed love story of a mustard loving Pogo, who catches his girlfriend having a secret affair with ketchup.”

That amazing animation about Pogos and soured love inspired my friends and I to have a Pogo Party and a Pogo Party is a beautiful thing. Just like love. Even when it goes wrong.

Let the record show, some Canadians love both mustard and ketchup!

(That is a “butter chicken tatter tot poutine” in the back, incase you are wondering.)

Cannabis Pumpkin Macaroni & Cheese


I tried to make a flower pattern with the pumpkin sauce but it went terribly wrong … this whole dish maybe went said direction actually.

I added cannabis-infused sunflower oil to pumpkin puree, heated it up and added it to some Nudge white cheddar macaroni and cheese! Topped with basil from my indoor garden and a slab of goat cheese.

The Nudge macaroni was amazing as always but the pumpkin sauce needs something …

Jessica Catalano, if you are reading this, any tips on how I can improve the pumpkin sauce?

Happy Fall everyone!! 🎃

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