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Acorn Squash Tacos

squash taco with lime

Just made some acorn squash tacos from scratch. The squash was fried in batter and topped with paprika, cilantro, red onion and Cotija cheese. Soooo good!

My latest obsession is a meal-kit box delivery service called Goodfood, and this is one of the meals from it! Goodfood is only available in Ontario and Quebec but hopefully someday it will spread to everyone reading this. You can read more about Goodfood here:

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope everyone eats something super yummy tonight and that 2018 is filled with good things for all.

Halloween Munchies: Mini Monster Pizzas!

My friends and I made a whole bunch of mini monster pizzas with pitas as crusts. I think this is a super easy dinner for getting into the Halloween spirit!

Above is my mummy inspired pizza!

It paired well with weed and The Grudge on Netflix.

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