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Human vs. Raccoon: Round 182

Raccoons love nothing more than to throw a party in a corn patch. They make sure to taste-test every cob. Do you think the new electric fence and no-kill trap can ruin their dinner party plans? Only time will tell … but would anyone like to make a bet? 😉

The patched-up part in the fence above the trap is from when a porcupine got tangled up in it. The electric fence wasn’t on at the time but the poor gaffer really got tangled up in it. Don’t worry, my parents where kind enough to rescue her from the fence and she only seemed mildly inconvenienced!

Sunflowers & Morning Glories … can they be friends?

Generally my approach to gardening is to look nothing up and to instead follow my gut. Sometimes it works out right away … or eventually. Sometimes things go terribly wrong.

This year I decided it was a good idea to plant Morning Glories and Sunflowers together. My dream was to have the Morning Glories grow up and around the Sunflowers … but it didn’t work out. The Sunflowers hogged all the nutrients and water so I quickly got the Morning Glories their own homes, away from the hogs.

How quickly Morning Glories can grow always surprises me! They started grabbing things around them within 24 hours.

Happy 4:20 from my Morning Glories and Sunflowers!

Zinnias … just pretty … or pretty pest control?

This is the first time I’ve grown Zinnias. I didn’t grow a lot of them and the poor little gaffers have to live in pots this year but I think they are pretty and super fun and I intend to grow a million next year! I hear they will keep pests away from my herbs and peppers — we’ll see. 🙂

Meet my pineapple mint!

My pineapple mint is super delicious! It lives with parsley, chives, spearmint and rosemary. I love to eat it while I’m tending to my little pot garden.

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