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Drug Balcony Garden: Chapter 1

I’m growing a bunch of drugs on my balcony, using very simple gardening practices. The cannabis is getting no special treatment. I love them all equally.

I started everything in coco coir but this is the first time I’ve used it to start seeds and I don’t think the plants loved it. Now everything is in either Pro-mix’s organic herb and vegetable, or flower grow medium.

Catnip is more a cat drug than a human drug but you often see it in sleepy-time teas. Didn’t know morning glories were a drug? Their seeds contain a¬†tryptamine (LSA). I absolutely love growing morning glories. I swear I took these photos, went inside and then came back outside after seeing the poppy photo. During that short period of time a morning glory had wrapped itself around something on the balcony. They grow so quickly it always blows me away. Even though they have been part of my life, forever.

I haven’t grown poppies or witnessed the growth of powdery mildew enough to know if my baby poppy is okay? Water droplets on it? Or something growing? Hmm. I’ve started 20 more poppies just in case and have moved the potentially infected plant away from the others.

Listed in order of which they appear: baby morning glory, baby poppy, baby catnip, baby cannabis.

I feel like everyone but the weed plant looks hungry but they all have enough food. So I think I must have damaged their roots while transplanting. Hopefully everyone bounces back soon.

Stay tuned.

Is it legal to grow poppies in Canada?

I find poppies overwhelmingly beautiful! I just stare at them and think about how they have altered human society … so much pain has been relived by the milk (opium) from their pods … and far too many lives have been destroyed or totally lost because of them.

The legality of poppies in Canada confuses me, it isn’t rare to see them growing in ornamental gardens and you see their seeds for sale almost everywhere. Are all red poppies “opium poppies” or are the varieties commonly seen all over Canada a totally harmless opium-free poppy? I just spent an hour reading about this on the internet and feel more confused than ever! I guess that is drug laws for ya …

Poppy blooms are very pretty but if you pick them with hopes of having them in a vase inside, they almost instantly fall apart. To enjoy them, you have to be with them outside, which I think is part of their magic!

Drugs In My Garden: My First Morning Glory

Photo of a purple and blue morning glory blossom!

The farm I grew up on always had an impressive display of Morning Glories but this is the first time I’ve grown them by myself at my cabin in the woods.

Isn’t my first Morning Glory pretty? I love these flowers, they are beautiful and the plant produces seeds containing LSA, which is similar to LSD. I know people who have had terribly experiences after eating the seeds though, so I would highly recommend not consuming them.

You can read more about Morning Glories on in the Vaults of Erowid here:

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