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The greatest horror comedy ever just got added to Netflix! #deliciousnecks

What We Do In The Shadows just got added to Netflix Canada and I couldn’t be more pumped! (Even though I’ve already watched this movie three times.) This flick is about a bunch of ridiculous vampires that live together in a house and agree to let a film crew follow them around for a little while.

Hailing from New Zealand, directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Watiti also have lead roles in the film. I know many of my readers will remember Jemaine Clement from HBO’s Flight of The Conchords.

I remember when What We Do In The Shadows first came out on the festival circuit, they made promotional beer for it called Delicious Necks. Which really amuses me for some reason.

Anyways, I could go on about this movie forever so I’ll end with — I highly recommend watching What We Do In The Shadows!


Action Movies on Netflix Canada: Rambo (1982)

Wow, what a movie! Rambo is everything you’ve ever wanted from an 80s action film, well, I mean other than the fact that there are only like three women it in, all extras, two of which are secretaries. Sigh.

I’m sure I watched this movie as a kid but I had totally forgotten about the pretty intense look it takes at PTSD and what trying to return to regular life was like for many who served in Vietnam.

Sylvester Stallone was the star of this film but he also co-wrote it! Fast fact.

“They knew he was innocent and they didn’t give a damn.”

Best #Lesbian Movies on Netflix Canada

To celebrate the beginning of summer / Pride Season, here’s a list of my favorite Lesbian films currently available to stream on Netflix Canada!

Oh wow, okay, I just double-checked my list and most of the gay movies I liked on Netflix have rotated off of the service so … my list is going to be pretty short!

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

This movie got a lot of flack for the love scene but I think it is an undeniably beautiful film about love and coming of age.

Violette (2013)

This is a biopic about Violette Leduc, a writer who was censored in the 50s for speaking candidly about lesbian sexuality in her novel, Ravages.

Well that is my whole list … hopefully Netflix gets a whole lot gayer soon!

Happy Pride!

Leaving Netflix Canada: July 2017

You don’t have long to watch these titles on Netflix Canada!

Leaving: 7/1

Marvel’s Iron Man 

Paper Towns 

She’s Funny That Way 

Step Up 1-3 

Leaving: 7/6

Disney’s Tomorrowland 

Leaving: 7/7

Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded 

Leaving: 7/10


Leaving: 7/22

Sleeping with Other People 

Leaving: 7/26

Inside Out 

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